Author Topic: Jon Voight ‘feeding’ daughter Angelina Jolie anti-Obama information [VIDEO]  (Read 878 times)

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August 31, 2012

Jon Voight ‘feeding’ daughter Angelina Jolie anti-Obama information [VIDEO]
Published: 11:56 AM 08/31/2012

Video at this link... much more than just this comment and I highly recommend everyone take a few minutes to listen to him......... he is truly pissed off at the media and is not going to shut up about it..........

TAMPA, Fla. — Academy award-winning actor and conservative activist Jon Voight told The Daily Caller that he is “feeding” his daughter, actress Angelina Jolie, political “information” with the hope of influencing her view of President Barack Obama.

Jolie told TheDC in January that she is disappointed in a “few things” Obama has done but would not elaborate. TheDC asked Voight if Jolie is still supportive of Obama as the election draws near.

“I don’t know, but I know that I give her the information that I’m dealing with and I like both these guys very much, you know. I love my daughter and she’s very smart and I just keep feeding her information,” he told TheDC at the Republican National Convention.

Actor Brad Pitt, Jolie’s fiancé, previously told TheDC that he supports Obama.

“Now Brad has a very close connection with his buddy George, George Clooney, and he’s not going to go too far from the fold there, I guess, but anyway we’ll see. The idea is, I tell you what, they’ve got to open their eyes because they don’t know anything, that’s the trouble with most of the people on the left,” Voight told TheDC.

“They don’t know anything because the media that they’re being fed and the friends that are feeding them stuff, they are not getting information. They don’t know anything about Barack Obama, except what he says he is and they buy it.”

When asked if he thinks Jolie will vote for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in November, he responded, “Oh, you never know. She’s her own person.”
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