Author Topic: Jesse Benton Wears Bullet Proof Vest to Meeting with Maine Delegation  (Read 1408 times)

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This is how bad the Ron Paul delegates are; Ron Paul's own campaign manager wears a bullet proof vest when meeting with the Maine delegates.  I've also read that Jesse Benton is Paul's own son-in-law too.

In Maine an all-Ron Paul delegation was selected in the state's caucuses, only to be stripped of their delegate slots by the RNC and replaced with Romney delegates. This needless to say is not making the grassroots Paul supporters very happy. Many blame the behind the scenes deals cut with the Romney camp by Paul campaign manger Jesse Benton for the debacle in Maine and the overall poor influence RP supporters are having at the RNC.

How concerned is Jesse that he has done wrong and that the grassroots RP people are not happy with him? It appears he wore a bullet proof to a meeting with the Maine Ron Paul displaced delegates.

An EPJ reader emails:

    Jesse Benton is wearing bulletproof vest to talk to the Maine delegation? That is what one of the commenters suggests, but I thought he was just fat, until he turned around. He is wearing body armor.

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I cannot stand Ron Paul or Ron Paul supporters!

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