Author Topic: “Negro Spotting” Popular Democrat Twitter Game Among Party Members Watching RNC  (Read 768 times)

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“Negro Spotting” Popular Democrat Twitter Game Among Party Members Watching RNC

NBC News:

Every four years political junkies, spectators and commentators tend to point out the lack of racial diversity on the floor at the Republican National Convention.

Now Twitter users, whose influence in black culture has been well-documented, is getting into the act — with a not very subtle hashtag: #negrospotting

“#negrospotting at #GOP2012 update. of the 89 negroes spotted so far, only 20 are confirmed GOP (non-media, security, vendors). #staytuned,” tweeted comedian Baratunde Thurston.

Thurston later admitted that the BET tent at the RNC might have “inflated his numbers.”

Are you watching the Republican convention? And if so, how many African-Americans have you spotted?

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What an insulting jerk.

I would never be so crass to point out how the DNC has no people of the sentient sect of humans in their ranks.  No, I would never bring up how the DNC is populated entirely with folks unencumbered by the thought process.  Oh, my.  There, I said it.
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If you were playing a "spot the sane person" drinking game while watching the DNC convention, you'd remain stone cold sober.
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