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Week 3 NFL Pre-Season Picks
« on: August 22, 2012, 09:54:16 AM »
Gadzooks, not only is it is dress rehearsal time, sportsfans... but for once in a blue moon, "Newsweek" and I agree on their cover story.
Okay, Thursday night games are as follows:
Green Bay 27 at Cincinnati 10: Pack victory & big's frenzy...  honored on new USPS stamp--
Jacksonville 10 at Baltimore 14:  Hitch still swears by that Black Byrd Defense...  and so do I--
Arizona 9 at Tennessee 24:  The Fisherless Boys...  find another acorn--
Friday night it is Philadelphia 17 at Cleveland 24:  The Real McCoy shows his stuff...  in the 4th quarter--
Atlanta 35 at Miami 13:  Vick's Old Team bites the Phins...  right where it hurts--
New England 31 at Tampa Bay 17:  If its good enough for Brady...  its good enough for me--
San Diego 28 at Minnesota 9: Even a cross-dressing quarterback... cannot help the Viqueens--
Chicago 10 at NY Giants 38:  Before all you Bears fans start screaming 'Defense! Defense!" just remember...  Brian Urlacher just got dumped by Jenny McCarthy--
Jenny, why did you break up...  with Brian Urlacher?
Well...  well-- I guess--
It was when I found out Brian...  was not a Dallas Cowboy.
Seattle 13 at Kansas City 27: MY Old Dallas Texans welcome the Seahags and disrupt...  their dance routine--
Now, on Saturday night:
Indianapolis 24 at Washington 10:  RG3 finds...    Luck is not on his side--
Pittsburgh 38 at Buffalo 3:  Yes, Big Ben is raping...  and pillaging dead animals again!--
Detroit 24 at Oakland 9:  Raider Fans on the outside...  looking in again--
Houston 31 at New Orleans 10:  The thousand yars and one-half stare...  is still in effect--
Sunday is my 65th birthday and in my honor the NFL has these games:
San Francisco 27 at Denver 14: Old Man Manning drops his soap...  in Denver shower--
Carolina 9 at NY Jets 31: Tebow's Widlcat runs...  over Panthers--
Oh, yeah...    almost forgot St. Louis 17 at Dallas 31:  So many injuries, we had to used one of our Cowgals...  at the tight end spot--
What's so funny, Charlie?  Is it...  Bendy's picks?
No, Denise, but I do find it funny...    you are sleeping with Bender again--
Why, Charlie, why...     would you think that?
Honey, I've seen...  your new tattoo!

Bend!  Say it ain't so?  Not....  with Charlie Sheen's old, worn out squeeze--
STFU Chris!  That's Bender...    you are talking about!
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