Author Topic: Limbaugh: "Best Republican" Paul Ryan Makes Campaign About Issues  (Read 567 times)

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Posted on August 13, 2012
Limbaugh: "Best Republican" Paul Ryan Makes Campaign About Issues

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RUSH: No, no, I was not surprised. I actually wasn't surprised by this. Folks, I gotta tell you something. I've been trying to think, honestly, objectively think the whole weekend. And I'm gonna ask you. Maybe I'm forgetting something. I don't recall a vice presidential pick which has so energized the party. I don't remember a vice presidential pick that has so energized a campaign as this choice of Paul Ryan.


So we're gonna face this head on. I was praying -- you know, you've been listening -- I was praying that at some point this campaign becomes one of ideology, one of ideas, one of principles, not just policy analysis, not just Electoral College analysis, but principles and ideas. I think they work. I think they have the ability, properly articulated, to be persuasive. And we have perhaps the best Republican to do that in Paul Ryan. I think the pick signals that the decision was made somewhere that we're going to go head first up against. We're not gonna skirt it with a traditional campaign. We're gonna take it straight to them and we're gonna win or we're gonna lose articulating exactly who we are and exactly what we believe and exactly what our vision for America is. Ryan can do that, and I don't know how much you paid attention over the weekend, but the presence of Paul Ryan on a stage with Romney has elevated Romney. It has energized Romney.

Romney's a new guy. Romney is a different guy. Ryan, with Romney, I watched 60 Minutes last night, Ryan chomping at the bit to answer every question. Ryan wanted in 'cause he's got the answer. He had the answer for everything Bob Schieffer threw. He's got the answer for every objection the Obama team is going to make. All the lies, all the distortions, all the smears, Ryan has the answers. Ryan knows how to react to those things, because he is an ideological conservative. He is from the camp-of-Ronaldus Magnus.

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