Author Topic: Crazy things you heard on Liberal Talk Radio – thread  (Read 508 times)

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Crazy things you heard on Liberal Talk Radio – thread
« on: August 10, 2012, 02:54:32 PM »
For those of us who just  for the entertainment occasionally  tune into Liberal Talk Radio, what crazy, outlandish or reveling thing have you heard lately?

To get this started. Last Night on the Mike Malloy show (AM1090 Seattle) the subject was the temple shooter. Malloy stated this Skinhead along with the theater shooter ,  Gabby Gifford’s shooter, and all the other notable domestic terrorist of late, are from the Right, and they were given their marching orders by the Right-Wing Hate radio shows of  Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity.  He went  so far as stating that Glenn Beck loves to see blood in the street.
Malloy has got to be one of the most obscene and hateful people on the radio. How his show last is beyond me. 
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