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Cautionary Tale: India Goes Dark
« on: July 31, 2012, 02:08:47 PM »

Cautionary Tale: India Goes Dark
July 31, 2012


RUSH: Have you heard about the second blackout in two days that has hit India?  Six-hundred and seventy million people are now in the dark.  The population of this country is 1.2 billion.  So 670 million people in the dark in India.  Boy, you know Obama's gotta be green with envy over this.  Obama, he wants as many people in this country to be in the dark as he can arrange.  That's his whole reelection strategy, keep as many people in the dark as possible.  Seriously.  India has lost half of its power grid.

Stick with me on this.  "What do we care about India, Rush?  We're about to lose America."  Hang on.  Trains are stuck in tunnels. Miners are stuck in mine shafts.  Imagine that, now.  Hospitals are without any power.  Just last week, tens of thousands of ChiCom citizens drowned in Beijing and other cities simply because it rained hard and washed away some cheaply built homes and bridges, speaking of.  It rained hard in Beijing, tens of thousands of ChiCom citizens drowned.  India and China are the two countries that Obama and other Democrats like Elizabeth Warren are always citing as models for their infrastructure.

These are the countries that we have to be more like. Elizabeth Warren is running a commercial, a TV ad in Massachusetts, urging citizens there to elect her to the Senate, claiming that this country needs to be more like communist China.  This is not an ad running in San Francisco.  This is an ad running in the whole state of Massachusetts, and she's in the race.  She's tight. She's close.  She could win this.  And she's running an ad encouraging the citizens of Massachusetts to elect her because she wants this country to be more like the communist Chinese.


RUSH:  This is interesting.  I like this.  I got an e-mail during the break.  I always check for reaction in the break, the e-mail.  Somebody said, "Well, why did the power fail in India?  You didn't tell us that."  It's a good point.  It is an excellent point.  Our Official Climatologist here at the EIB Network, Dr. Roy Spencer, University of Alabama at Huntsville, points out that one-tenth of humanity is now without electricity.  Six-hundred and seventy million people in India, one-tenth of humanity.  Why?  Because India decided to reduce the role of coal in electricity production.

They closed some coal mines.  They drank the Kool-Aid on the fact that coal causes global warming, that coal is a polluting thing, that coal is dirty and disgusting and poisonous.  This is what Obama wants to accomplish.  This is what Obama wants.  He wants to put the domestic coal business out of business.  The Indian government went all-in on that -- well, not all-in, but close, and so they reduced the role of coal in electricity production, and they don't have any electricity.  One-tenth of humanity without electricity.  There are lessons to learn here, folks.


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Re: Cautionary Tale: India Goes Dark
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