Author Topic: Residents: Rats 'the size of cats' invading complex (What all america will be with 4 more years of Obama!  (Read 1449 times)

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I am Repub4Bush on FR '02

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Rats?  Rats?  Where they at?  Let me at 'em!  Meow and the boys will see they're taken good care of  ... 

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Y'know what those are?  NYC snowbirds!

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Of course the problem is identifies as the rats, when in fact it is the filthy habits, poor sanitation practices and a lack of any concern about a problem while it was small by the residents of that apartment complex and the people who run it.  Rat control is an ongoing process that involves not allowing a rat colony to get started in the first place rather than allowing it to go on as long as this situation has.

The first step is to get the residents to clean up their act, and the management to upgrade the complex's garbage facilities to modern standards.  But now they also desperately need a professional exterminator to get rid of the rat colony too, and that won't be cheap.


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A more immediate solution:  .22 varmint rifle (with night scope).  but then there's cleanup -- enter the cat

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As posted elsewhere I worked on the "War on Rats" in the early 80s.  It was a federally funded program that contracted with communities with rat problems.  Local workers were hired to survey and identify problems areas, clean them up and remove food sources then kill the rats.  The communities were under contract to take over maintenance of these "environmentally improved blocks" (EIB) after they were documented as rat free for up to a year.  It was a well thought out program and mathematically sound but the cities were unable to hold up their end.  One example, in a famous city within a city, some ethnic areas were spotless (Polish) while others were problematic to the point that workers were not safe there.  A city wide clean up was organized but the DPW lacked worker availability to pick up.  Union rules had been established to allow workers to go home when their identified job was done.  So they worked several hours in the morning and went home by lunch.  Since this was now their work day anything over that was overtime.  City broke and clean-up canceled.  City doomed and over-run by rats and ...   Sad beyond belief - look at the liberal Detroit versus Nagasaki pictures.

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