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“Call Me Back When The ACC Has It’s Funeral”
« on: May 29, 2012, 03:29:41 PM »

Syndicated radio host Paul Finebaum joined the guys to discuss the latest on the future of ACC and tears apart some schools and fans in the process.
Syndicated Radio Host Paul Finebaum On The Mac Attack 05/24/12

We asked Finebaum if he thought the ACC should be worried after several discussions of conference changes. His response wasn’t so favorable for the ACC.

“I would say you ought to be freaking out…When the SEC formed an unholy alliance with the Big Twelve last Friday, that was the signal …It means that these two leagues are in bed together just like the Pac-10 has always been in bed with the Big Ten,” said Finebaum. “Where does that leave the ACC? It leaves the ACC nowhere.”

Florida State, Virginia Tech, Miami and Clemson have all reportedly made informal contact with the Big Twelve. Some have said there is mutual interest between Virginia Tech and the SEC. Finebaum expressed little confidence in these ACC schools’ fitness for a change in leagues.

“I find it ironic that Florida State is doing the most complaining when the biggest problem with the ACC the last 10 years has been Florida State,” said Finebaum. “They were so good and know they’ve been so average…Miami’s a trainwreck. Clemson, come on, I still haven’t gotten that Orange Bowl out of my head.”

Carolina fans have said that the ACC would still be a great basketball league if the football situation ends up caving in. Although Finebaum commended Carolina and Duke teams, he was harsh in his overall assessment of the ACC basketball league.

“I don’t want to get in an argument with folks on tobacco road, but who thinks the ACC is even a good basketball league anymore?” said Finebaum. “I was horrified watching that league at times during the last year or two. Everyone knows what’s been accomplished in terms of national championships, but I am talking about after the cream at the top. The ACC needs to quit being so arrogant and haughty thinking that college basketball and college football world revolve around you.”

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Re: “Call Me Back When The ACC Has It’s Funeral”
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2012, 03:37:25 PM »
Like it or not, the college football world revolves around the SEC, and the Big Twelve's inking a championship game with the SEC guarantees that said game will be a semi-final  of an eventual college playoff.

The big question is, what does Notre Dame do?


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