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Your State and Firearms purchases
« on: May 13, 2012, 11:27:09 AM »
I'm just curious about your Second Amendment "RIGHTS", as it pertains to your state.  Here in this state, we can do FTF (Face to Face) transactions with no paperwork, and obviously no tax.   Only guns that are transacted (bought, sold, traded) through a FFL holder are required to be papered.  Because we live in the last bastions of America, we also are not required to have any permits, other than Concealed Carry, and that may be opened up by the Legislature soon also.

Here, we have several internet classifieds where guns are bought, sold, and traded daily.  All that is required is for you to have a gun, and me to have the $$$ that we negotiate for the price, and we meet and exchange $$$ and merchandise, and then fade into traffic.  No background checks are legally required. 

Last night, I scored a really nice Model A15, with scope, with extra mags, and 400 rounds of ammo for $800, no papers, no tax.  Now, I will go through my bag of goodies and sell off something else to balance the purse.  Again, it will be exchange dollars and merchandise and go.  The A15 is a LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY model AR15, flat-top, with forward assist.  A broke cop sold his patrol rifle.  Again, all legal in this state.

Hows it work in your area? 
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