Author Topic: Newt Says He's with Boehner Despite Media Reports to Contrary  (Read 353 times)

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Newt Says He's with Boehner Despite Media Reports to Contrary
« on: December 21, 2011, 06:10:26 PM »
Newt Says He's with Boehner Despite Media Reports to Contrary
December 21, 2011


RUSH: Now, the self-destruction, maybe, continues.  From the Politico.  Snerdley, are you sitting down?  From the Politico:  "Gingrich Sides with Obama on Payroll Tax."  That's their headline.  Now, let's read a little further.  "President Obama has an unexpected ally in Newt Gingrich, who called on House Republicans to give up and make the payroll tax cut extension happen somehow." And here's their quote from Newt.

"'Incumbent presidents have enormous advantages. And I think what Republicans ought to do is what’s right for America. They ought to do it calmly and pleasantly and happily,' Mr. Gingrich said when asked about the clash between President Barack Obama and House Republicans over extension of the payroll tax cut." Now, maybe it's just me, but I'm not seeing where Newt says they should give in, but the Politico says that's what he's saying.  So since we're talking optics and not substance, since the Politico says that Newt has caved and sides with Obama, whether he said it or not, that's what's being reported.  And Hawkeye Cauci caucusers are now going to hear that Newt's siding with Obama on the payroll tax cut and urging the Republicans, just, come on, do it calmly and pleasantly, we can't beat an incumbent president, come on.  Have too many advantages.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting it, too.  "Gingrich to House Republicans:  Give in on Payroll Tax."  So you see, folks, we're like on the TV show Lost.  It's just us on the island and the smoke monster is the Republican establishment.  Gingrich says resistance to this is doomed in the Wall Street Journal.  Resistance is doomed.  "It’s very hard for the legislative branch to outperform the president in communications.  He has all the advantages of being one person. He has all the advantages of the White House as a backdrop, and my experience is presidents routinely win."  In other words, bend over and grab the ankles, you cannot win this, so just get out of it as soon as you can, it's too complicated.  Newt ought to know about losing to presidents, I guess.


RUSH: I just received an e-mail from Mr. Newt.  Mr. Newt just sent me an e-mail.  It says: "Urgent from Newt.  I am with Boehner on the payroll tax fight.  I am against Obama."  Signed, Newt.  And it is from his e-mail address.  Now, the Politico and the Wall Street Journal both are reporting that Newt is suggesting that Boehner and the House Republicans give it up, that because Obama is the president he can't be beat on this.  Now, when I read both of those stories, especially the Politico piece, I said, "I'm not sure that this says what the Politico headline says it says."  I don't know why they would lie, but it's not unprecedented.  The Politico and the Wall Street Journal are as unequivocal as you can get and yet Newt send me: "I'm with Boehner on the payroll tax fight. I'm against Obama."  Those two outlets are saying Newt is suggesting that they let Obama have this.  So that's the latest on that.

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