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As World Faces Economic Disaster, Powell Shows up on Sunday to Play Games
November 28, 2011


RUSH: Let's go to the audio sound bites.  General Powell, who is a titular head of the Republican Party, it's amazing how this guy surfaces on the Sunday shows.  But he does.  He surfaces on the Sunday shows at the most coincidental times, when the Republicans are looking to get strong and when the conservative side of the Republican Party is asserting itself, guess who happens to show up and put it down?  Guess who just happens to answer the phone when the Sunday morning shows call, it would be General Powell.  It's amazing how this happens.  I'm gonna get to the sound bites of General Powell after the break here.

But before we go to the break, I'm reminded, you know, I've mentioned to people for many moons now that I don't watch the Sunday shows anymore.  And a lot of people are surprised by that.  People think that somebody like me in my position would be watching those shows, not just on Sunday, but every night on cable TV, they'd be immersed in it.  No, no, no, no, no.  I haven't done that in a long, long time.  And I'll tell you why.  Yesterday's Sunday shows are a classic illustration of why.  We all agree, we got a nation in great trouble.  We have a great nation at risk in a dangerous world.  We have internal threats.  We have domestic challenges.  The European economy is perhaps a precursor to our own collapse.  People are terribly worried about this.

I don't care what Sunday show you go to yesterday, instead of discussing the nation's needs, what you get on these Sunday shows are all of these pundits talking about the candidates' vulnerability to the latest attack ads, for example.  These shows are going the way of the dinosaurs.  They are becoming obsolete.  It isn't gonna be long before we get a story, I discovered the bones of David Gregory, the host of Meet the Press.  Our country, our America, our United States has problems, real problems that require real solutions.  Wouldn't you think that political analysts would discuss which candidate would do best to get this economy going?  Wouldn't you think that an honest Sunday show would focus on who has the best ideas to move this country forward for the benefit of everybody?  Which candidate, if not able to unite us, would at least divide us less than Obama has?

But, no, no, no, those topics are of no interest whatsoever.  Improving the country, fixing what's wrong with the country, putting the economy on solid foot, no.  Those topics aren't discussed.  They're not reported.  They're not even evaluated.  All we hear is which candidate has which flaw that's gonna make it easier for Obama to beat him.  That's all the Sunday shows are about is which Republican can we pick apart with negative ads or opposition research to make it easier for Obama to win.  Now, why do I want to watch that?  And what the heck am I going to learn from it?  Zich, zero, nada is the answer.  European banks are teetering on the edge.  The Italians went out and they sold bonds and they can't pay them now as they're maturing.  The euro might collapse.  It is real trouble.  And, meanwhile, US banks did not get bailed out.  Not the big banks, not the Wall Street banks.  They did not get bailed out.

We have so many lies and myths being told that people believe.  Most of the big banks were forced to take TARP money so as to avoid there being a stigma.  The banks that needed TARP money were the local mom and pop banks all over the country that were in trouble.  The big banks, Wells Fargo, these guys were forced to sign a paper agreeing to take X numbers of millions of dollars, billions, maybe, I forget the number, but whatever it was, just to make it look like everybody was in the same boat.  But the big banks paid it all back.  These Occupy people are protesting something that never happened.  The big banks did not get bailed out.  Taxpayers made a profit on the money they were forced to borrow.  Other banks did get bailed out, the little mom and pops, but the big ones did not.

Europe is teetering, Italy, Spain, you name it, and what do we get on the Sunday shows?  Which candidate can be more easily tripped up by Obama's opposition research. I'm sorry, that is why it holds no interest for me.  The media template is the Republican candidates' weaknesses, rather than their strengths.  It's frustrating, folks, we're in big trouble in this country and half of the political establishment wants that trouble to get even worse, and that's what it really boils down to.


RUSH: General Powell, the titular head of the Republican Party. It was This Week that found him. Christiane Amanpour said, "What about the tone in the country right now? It's still very divisive, so very brash, some say poisonous. I mean, you can barely get anything done on Capitol Hill just behind me, here. What needs to be done to actually improve the tone and the ability of people to work together, General Powell?"

POWELL: Let me say this directly: The media has to help us. The media loves this game where everybody is on the extreme. It makes for great television. It makes for great chatter.

RUSH: Mmm?

POWELL: It makes for great talk shows all day long --

RUSH: Right.

POWELL: -- with commentators commenting on commentators about the latest little mini-flap up on Capitol Hill.

RUSH: Yeah, right.

POWELL: So what we have to do is sort of take some of the heat out of our political life in terms of the coverage of it so these folks can get to work quietly.

RUSH: Can I posit a different point of view? You know, I've read the Constitution, and I've read the Federalist Papers, and I happen to know that one of the key objectives of the Founding Fathers was gridlock. They wanted as little as possible to get done on Capital Hill! Why can't Christiane Amanpour look over her shoulder at the Capitol dome and say, "General Powell, weren't the Founders the brilliant? A whole bunch of destructive stuff that people are trying can't get done because of built-in safeguards by our brilliant Founders? General Powell, there are a lot of people trying to destroy this country, but the brilliance of our founds in writing the Constitution makes it almost impossible for 'em because of this great gridlock." Well, she doesn't look at it that way because she's an idiot! She has no clue that that's the way the Constitution of written. She has no clue that that was the mind-set of the Founders. No clue whatsoever. Here's General Powell again. Yeah, here just run the bite.

POWELL: The Founding Fathers compromised on slavery.

RUSH: Oh! Oh!

POWELL: They had to --


POWELL: -- in order to create a country.

RUSH: Right.

POWELL: They compromised on the composition of the Senate, of the House --

RUSH: Riiiight.

POWELL: -- of the Supreme Court, of the president, what are the president's powers.

RUSH: Okay, that's enough. You see how this works. "The Founding Fathers compromised on slavery, and they compromised on the..." Well, compromise is all well and good when one thing exists, and that is a common objective. Now, the common objective was the establishment of a union, an independent nation free from the tyranny of King George. What do we have in common with today's Democrats? What in the name of Sam Hill is there worth compromising with them on? We don't hold the same objectives that the framers from the various states had. They had the same objective: The establishment of a union. Today's Democrat Party wants to tear this one apart, as it was founded; we want to hold it together and strengthen it. Where is the compromise there? It's a false argument, but it's seductive.

"Can't we all get along like they did at the NBA and put it all together by Christmastime?"


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Re: As World Faces Economic Disaster, Powell Shows up on Sunday to Play Games
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2011, 04:06:09 PM »
As Rush alluded, it's funny how Colin Powell pops up  out of the blue to comment as if he were some sort of spokesman for the Republicans.   :nono:

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Re: As World Faces Economic Disaster, Powell Shows up on Sunday to Play Games
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2011, 05:17:09 PM »
Rush is also correct about the Sunday shows....... they have become worthless with the same people on the same shows saying the same thing they always say.  They need new blood and new input, but are lazy.

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