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Whoever Fights and Says Obama is the Problem, Will Win the GOP Nomination
November 18, 2011


RUSH: Newt Gingrich, top of the heap now.  The Republican Party is still vetting their candidates, and despite what anybody tells you, we do not know who the nominee will be.  But we do know what he or she should be saying.  We do know, I know, so do you, what that nominee should be saying in order to secure the nomination.  And that is, Barack Obama is the problem, not fellow Republicans.  The problem is Barack Obama.  The problem is the Democrat Party.  The problem is the American left.  America's greatness is not behind us.  America's greatness is here.  It's on the horizon.  Our nominee must say we will be great again and the first step in the process is getting rid of Barack Obama and the Democrat Party and moving them out of the way.

Whichever of these people seeking the nomination makes that case the most consistently and the most believably and the most sincerely, not as phony sales type presentation but genuinely means it, that's who's gonna get this nomination in the end.  And it is still up for grabs.  The media is also a problem, not fellow Republicans.  In the big scheme of things the problems this country faces are not Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, any of these people.  The problem, the obstacles that we all face in returning this to a great nation, Barack Obama, his acolytes, his regime, the Democrat Party, and, truth be told, the media, they are an obstacle as well because they are part of the opposition, they are part of what must be defeated.

First principles are the answer.  First principles, first conservative constitutional principles are the answer.  Articulating that as fact with depth and conviction is what the people of this country want.  We and the rest of the people of this country are sick and tired of careful politicians, business as usual politicians.  We are fed up and exhausted with people who measure their comments.  The blueprint for rebuilding America has been written.  Ronaldus Magnus wrote it; Barry Goldwater wrote it; William F. Buckley Jr. wrote it; Burke wrote it, any number.  Friedrich Von Hayek wrote it; Milton Friedman wrote it.  Market capitalism is the answer.  Robust liberty and freedom for the American people is the answer, and then a government willing, after unleashing that, to get out of its way is the answer.

It all starts with the individual.  Private property rights is the foundation because without private property rights there are no rights for people anywhere else.  The Republican nominating process is a competition of ideas and the ability to communicate how can we get back to our pursuit of happiness?  How can we get back to our pursuit of excellence?  How can we get back to the trusted institutions that have defined this nation and its greatness for hundreds of years?  How can the individual be empowered?  How can liberalism be stopped, repealed, and rolled back?  What Newt's doing is no secret.  Newt is tapping into the American mind-set.  He has the ability to do it.  He also has the ability to blow it.  Which is what gives people pause, but at this point they're looking past that, they're looking past the baggage, and this is my point.

The press, the media, the Democrats are trying to focus on the baggage, trying to focus on Cain's baggage and whatever they can manufacture, or Michele Bachmann's baggage, and even Romney's baggage with his Romneycare.  We don't hear any reports of the baggage that Barack Obama brings to the table, but it takes a C5A cargo jet to hold it all.  Newt Gingrich is making it clear that he is proud of this country and its history, of our culture, the idea of American exceptionalism.  My point is here, nobody ought to be shocked to learn that a Republican who is articulating conservatism proudly, competently, confidently, articulately, nobody should be surprised that that person is nearing the top of the heap.  It has been our point all along, ladies and gentlemen, has it not?  Was that not why there was so much hope invested in Sarah Palin?  That's why there was so much hope in Chris Christie.  They believed that that's what Chris Christie represented.

It is why Donald Trump led in the polls at the time he was involved, because Donald Trump was fearless and was taking it to Obama and was taking it to the Democrats and was letting it be known that it's not a question, it's not a mystery, it's not something misunderstood about why the country is in the problems it's in, why it faces the challenges we face.  It's Barack Obama and his administration, his policies.  And whichever of these Republicans has the ability to consistently say so, take it to Obama, stand up for America, stand up for the American people, articulate a great belief and faith in the decency and the potential greatness of the American people, when there are no obstacles in their way, is who is going to get this nomination.  And that is who is going to lead in the polls.  With some exceptions, of course, in the latter part of that, but for the most part it's going to be true.

Nobody should be shocked, I don't believe, to learn that a Republican articulating conservatism fearlessly who is also pointing out the media's partisanship, who schools the media in their own malpractice, and the media attempts to shut that down, the establishment attempts to shut that down by saying, "Hey, that's very, very, very beneath us to attack the media.  Why, the media is who they are, it's gonna be seen as whining and complaining.  You can't go after the media."  The American people, the vast majority of them want the media defeated every bit as much as they want Barack Obama defeated because the American people understand that they're one and the same.  The American people understand that American decline is being happily presided over by Barack Obama and the acolytes and stenographers and the fellow travelers in the media who build Obama up facilitate America's decline.  It doesn't matter where that would be found, the American people are gonna oppose it.

If the media happen to stand for and represent support of someone happily presiding over the decline of the country, the American media are going to be considered an obstacle which must be defeated as well.  Newt Gingrich points it out, despite what the warnings are from the establishment types.  No, this is not an endorsement.  This is analysis, pure and simple analysis.  Nothing more.  The media applauds Obama for running against Congress.  Congress has a higher approval rating than the media does.  Why shouldn't the Republican run against the media?  It's well known the media is not our friend and it's about time -- I'll tell you something else.  And this is very subtle.  But Newt, or whoever, in the Republican primary field, this field of nominees, when they go after the media, they are signaling to the American people that they understand and are fearless and are willing to buck the establishment.

Republican voters are fed up with establishment Washington Republicans kowtowing to the media, trying to use the media to get their message out, worrying about what the media says or thinks about them.  The American people don't want somebody who's afraid of the media.  The American people, the voters on our side particularly wants somebody who will take 'em on, just like we want somebody who will take Obama on fearlessly and not be worried about what's going to be said about it.  We don't want somebody who's gonna be reluctant because of the color of Obama's skin.  That doesn't matter.  The country's in decline.  He's presiding over it.  He's president of the United States.  He's accountable.  Somebody who's not gonna hold him accountable is not gonna get our nomination.

Let me read to you one thing about Newt here.  Keep in mind there is rioting all over the country now, not nearly as large as the media is making this out to be.  This Occupy stuff is podunk, it's tiny.  They're building it up to make it look like something that it isn't.  But this small group of people, they are attacking law enforcement officers, private property is being destroyed, rapes, murders, multiple infectious diseases have thousands of new hosts.  These parasites are now homes to other parasites, known as protesters.

And Newt Gingrich stands up and says, "I would like everyone in the news media to look at the difference between the destructive, hostile, anti-civilization behaviors of the so-called Occupy Wall Street crowd and the serious studying of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, and all the things the Tea Party movement is doing, which are constructive, designed to get America back on track.  I think there could not be a better distinction.  They want to tear down our country; we love our country.  We want to rebuild our country.  That's the difference.

"Every city government has an absolute obligation to enforce the rule of law, to protect private property, and frankly, they ought to be filming these people and every person who engages in violence ought to be given a very long vacation from the streets in order to contemplate why in the future they're not gonna engage in violence against fellow Americans, but none of them should be tolerated if they engage in violence against either persons or property.  People ask me, 'How quickly could you begin to turn the economy around?'  Here's my prediction," Newt says.  "The economy will begin to improve late on election night when people realize Obama's gone."

People that talk like that are gonna reside near the top of the Republican heap, despite their baggage, because these are serious times, the future is precarious.  Don't have a lot of time to fix it.  You've heard people call this program fed up, ticked off, can't tell you how much at this occupy bunch.  Again, there's no romance associated, as far as the American people are concerned with the Occupy bunch.  There is nothing but contempt.  We don't need people out there saying, "I understand them. Well, we ought to relate to them.  Yes, I can see their point."  We don't need that.  Any Republican who talks that way is not gonna get this nomination.


RUSH Just so you understand here, this is not an endorsement. I'm not endorsing Newt or anybody.  I'm just analyzing, and I'm just telling you what I think and who I think, not by name, is gonna end up with this nomination.  And it's not over, it's not a fait accompli, and it isn't done.  A lot of people want you to think it is.  The establishment of both parties want you to think it is, but it's not.

New Hampshire is first, then we're gonna have the Hawkeye Cauci, and it's not gonna be over after those two, and if you want to know an interesting little factoid, the Republican nominee for the last, gosh, I don't know how many election cycles has won the South Carolina primary.  Yeah.  And it's a long enough series of election cycles to be significant, as to be an indicator, much more so than Iowa or New Hampshire.  It used to be New Hampshire.  Florida's gonna matter too 'cause it's early on, Florida is gonna be huge, but South Carolina just statistically, I don't know what the number of election cycles it is, but it's a significant number.  Whoever has won the Republican primary in South Carolina has gone on to become the nominee.

Here's Newt.  This is yesterday, Jacksonville, Florida, it was a campaign town hall event, and he got a question from a woman who said, "How do you intend to counteract the bias of the media, the dirty remarks that we're getting?  I've noticed that every time a Republican runs they get slammed in the press, they always take the high road. They never knock back.  They never say, 'Hey, it's okay for Michelle Obama to spend $10 million taxpayer money on vacations.  How come you can't spend whatever you spend on your wife and she can get away with spending all that,' why don't we fight back?"  Here's the question.  This is my exact point, a voter, "Why don't we ever fight back?"

You've heard people calling me on this program.  "Why don't the Republicans do X?"  Well, I'm here to tell you that of these Republicans that remain in our primary field, whichever one of them fire back at the media, at Obama, at the Democrats, at the ruling class, whoever fights back is gonna end up getting this nomination, and if they continue on after getting a nomination, if they maintain that theme, they're gonna be elected.  And if they continue to govern after winning the election that way then they're gonna be reelected.  In the process the country's gonna rebound.  The woman goes on to say, "If you were to make any type of remark like that against a Democrat candidate, it would be racism, it would be bias. So how you gonna fight the press, Newt?"

GINGRICH:  Here's the key thing to remember.  We all complained, correctly, when the news media failed to investigate Barack Obama.  We complained when they refused to look at William Ayers.  We complained when they didn't actually explain what Saul Alinsky was all about and what community organizer meant, okay.  We were right to complain that.  So now they're actually doing for us what they wouldn't do for Obama, okay?  Now, they're doing it partly out of bias, I understand that, and I understand that there are places like MSNBC that are essentially the Obama reelection team.

RUSH:  That kind of remark resonates with people.  And he's saying, go ahead, go ahead, vet me.  We think that's what your job ought to be.  Newt's essentially saying, "I knew what was coming."  Herman Cain.  He knew what was coming.  They all know what's coming.  Every Republican knows they're gonna get the media anal exam.  They're not gonna complain about it.  Whoever fights back against it, whoever puts it in context, whoever points out that there's no fairness here, whoever points out that it's one-sided, is going to triumph.  Last night on Greta Van Susteren's show On the Record, she had Newt.  She said, "Was the contract during the time of 2007 we went into a tailspin in the housing market, this contact with Freddie Mac, tell me about that, Newt."

GINGRICH:  To the best of my knowledge, it ended about the time that we were going into a tailspin, but I'd have to go back, I can't give you an exact date.  It was clear by that stage that what you had was a giant bubble because you had loan requirements that had collapsed to a point of absurdity where people could get mortgages who had, you know, no credit history, no down payment, et cetera.  So my interest in housing and my interest in helping relatively poor Americans have a chance to buy a house is very real and goes back a long way.  I was approached to offer strategic advice.  I do no lobbying of any kind perform I never have.  Very important point I want to make.  I have never done lobbying of any kind.

RUSH:  And then she said, "Well, you've also been very critical of Obama receiving substantial amounts of money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, contributions from the executives in 2008.  What's the difference between the criticism you've made of Obama, getting substantial campaign contributions to help Freddie Mac, and what you did?"

GINGRICH:  The difference is that under the leadership of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd in the Congress and of the president, those institutions have gotten $156 billion of taxpayers' money.  I was a private citizen.  I was not involved in doing any of these things, so there's a huge difference between what you do when you're in public office and you're dealing with the public trust and what you do as a private businessperson who has no direct power and no direct responsibility and you're sitting there offering advice.  What I didn't do and would not do, is I didn't go and lobby the Congress; I didn't go and lobby the executive branch; I didn't try to represent any position I didn't believe in beforehand.

RUSH:  There.  Now, this could come back and haunt him, because this is Inside Washington stuff, lobbying, not lobbying, but being a consultant for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and nobody, nobody has a brief for Freddie Mac, and there's nobody that wants to defend 'em, and they are at the root of the problem, and here's Newt who accepted a consultancy deal, this could come back and bite him at some point, all this baggage could rear its head if he falters elsewhere.  Nothing's a lock here.  But so far what I'm just pointing out, he's found a way to overcome it.  It could be temporary, we'll find out.  It could be permanent.  Depends.  Here is one more.  Van Susteren said, "Well, where does this go?  What do you expect is gonna happen the next day or two?"

GINGRICH:  The police will eventually have to arrest them.  They will provoke and provoke until there's no choice and the police will arrest them.  You know, the Tea Party's met in huge numbers, and we did this today down here with the first coast Tea Party, hundreds and hundreds of people.  They picked up the trash, they were orderly, they were positive, they were there as citizens, not as mobs.  The gap between the way Occupy Wall Street has degenerated into an anti-civilization, anti-law kind of group and the way in which the Tea Partiers were trying to understand and study American history, it's a startling contrast between the two groups.

RUSH:  Exactly right.  By the way, from Business and Media Institute, Obama's chief of staff, his pick for chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is a Freddie Mac alum.  Do you know that, did the media ever tell you that?  Rahm Emanuel held a paid position on Freddie Mac's board from 2000 to 2002 when they were accused of accounting and campaign finance irregularities.  Yeah, you might have known it and forgot it, but Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are infested with Democrat parasites.

It's where Democrats went to get filthy rich for doing nothing.  Franklin Raines, $90 million.  Roger Mudd's kid who ran the place for a while, tens of millions of dollars, Jamie Gorelick, $26 million, Jim Johnson, who nobody ever heard of other than Inside Washington Beltway types, 20 some odd million.  Just literally taking it out like Corzine was taking money out of his company.  Really no difference in what was happening.  And it was Bill Clinton's going away gift to Rahm Emanuel was a seat on the Freddie Mac board.  It was where these people went to get rich, legally, as the rules are written in Washington.


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Re: Whoever Fights and Says Obama is the Problem, Will Win the GOP Nomination
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The only candidate who took on Obama last night was Perry.

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