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Guy Who Shot at White House Lived in Occupy DC Camp
« on: November 17, 2011, 03:18:38 PM »
Guy Who Shot at White House Lived in Occupy DC Camp
November 17, 2011


RUSH:  It's not just the milling around stage of the Occupy Wall Street day of action.  It's the milling around stage while the media tries to find a way to pin the Tea Party on this shooter at the White House.  They're trying to find out who this guy is, said he never had any known radical ties.  Really?  What's he doing at Occupy DC?  They're doing everything they can.  It was once reported the guy hated Obama but now he just hates government.  And they're doing everything they can to try to find a way to pin this guy on the Tea Party.

White House Shooting Suspect Arrested

[a breathless Diane Sawyer]

RUSH: I mentioned earlier, ladies and gentlemen, desperately trying to figure out who the White House shooter is, who is this guy.  They know his name.  They know he's from Idaho.  They previously stated he hated Obama, now that's been revised to he hates government.  So this morning on CNN, American Morning cohost and El Rushbo media stalker Carol Costello spoke with their correspondent, Athena Jones, about alleged White House shooter Oscar Ramiro Ortega Hernandez.  And Costello said, "Authorities say that he had a direct interest in the president.  This morning the suspected White House shooter is in custody.  Oscar Ramiro Ortega Hernandez was arrested yesterday. The gun linked to him was found near the White House along with two bullets on the South Lawn.  Any word on his motivation?"

JONES:  Well, it's interesting.  We hope that more of that will come out as well, maybe not today but in the coming days.  As you mentioned, authorities have interviewed family and friends and they've determined that Ortega Hernandez had what they're calling a direction of interest toward the president and the White House.  It sounds a little awkward, but others simplified it as saying he was obsessed with the president.  Hopefully we'll find out more.

RUSH:  Yeah, and what they're hoping to find out is that he's actually a Tea Partier.  That's what they're hoping.  That's why they're waiting.  That's why they're saying, "We can't find any evidence this guy's ever been involved in radical --" they only found him as part of Occupy DC running around with a weapon, an AK-47.  But they can't find out where this guy's come from and what he's all about and what his motivation is.  They're just hoping, they're praying, any link whatsoever to the Tea Party they can drum up, and they will stop the presses.  In fact, remember what they tried to do with the guy that shot Gabby Giffords.  Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, tried all that.  They'll try the same thing here with this guy.  That's what they're waiting on.  



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