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Pearls of Wisdom
« on: November 15, 2011, 06:04:07 PM »
Pearls of Wisdom
November 15, 2011

"Do you realize, folks, there's a bigger fine for letting your dog poop on the street in New York than there is for humans?"

"The Washington Post has committed another random act of journalism today. We've calculated about five of these random acts of journalism throughout State-Controlled Media. It has happened about five times a week. Roughly one a day, that's in a good week. It's actually probably not that frequently."

"Moochelle Obama is out in Hawaii and she is urging kids to eat steak and arugula. If you eat the arugula then it's okay to have the steak. I kid you not! Drudge even has it. There's something about the Obamas and arugula."

"Whenever anybody in the Republican field jettisons to the top, here come the hit pieces."

"Very, very few defense lawyers let their clients talk. One of the most famous defense clients that jabbered all over the place was Blago, and look what that got him. Blagojevich couldn't be silenced no matter what his defense lawyers want."

"So NBC's basically saying, 'Yep, president called, Chelsea wants a gig in the media. We figured we know she's not gonna go the intern route, so let's just put her up at the top. And you tea baggers, you conservatives, you know, screw your extremist points of view about this. We can't wait to hear her viewpoint.'"

"What Newt is saying here is that he wants kids to be taught things that will help them become the best they can be. The language of prosperity. What is wrong with that? And what is it that makes that exclusively conservative?"

"Everybody is afraid to express a point of view for fear that somebody is gonna launch at 'em, make 'em apologize, humiliate them or what have you. And that bothers me greatly."

"I played football for one year as a sophomore in high school. The last place you ever saw any of the coaches was in the showers. You never saw the coaches undressed. Never. It never, ever happened."

"Just a few days ago, Bill Clinton said he can 'sympathize' with the protesters at Occupy Wall Street. 'I don't think Americans can continue this level of income inequality.' Okay. Fine. Mr. President, what will your daughter's salary be starting at the top at NBC?"

"How many speeches could we go to the archives and find where Obama has talked about the dangers of being dependent on oil from our enemies, terrorists, people in the Middle East, so forth and so on?"

"Chelsea doesn't want to be a nanny all day long. So she moves out, gets into the big world at NBC Nightly News and Rock Center for a while. Gets good on television if she can. The jury's still out on that. They'll make a decision later. If she does well, 'Bam! It's on to elective office.' That's what this is."

"The First Lady said 'we need to get their palates adjusted' and every liberal in the media swoons. 'Oh, yes, makes perfect sense! What great compassion. Oh, what a wonderful woman. How smarter she is than all of us.' We say, 'What the hell business is it of hers? Who is she? Before she was first lady all she had was animus for this country by her own admission!'"

"This pipeline is a two-pronged killer, folks. For one thing, the Canadians want to ship their oil to us. The second thing is, this pipeline holds the promise of thousands of jobs being created, which is what Obama claims to be focused 'like a laser' on: Creating jobs."

"You have to be good on television to get anywhere, and this is simply the preparatory period for her Chelsea Clinton to eventually run for the Senate in New York at some point or whatever state that they think she can move to and win that will allow that, like New York does."

"The iPhone. This is what the Business Insider and Goldman Sachs attribute the 0.5% increase in retail sales, not back to school."

"No pipeline, no jobs, no oil? Great! That's what Obama needs to do to hold onto his base, and he needs to hold onto his base for his reelection purposes."

"Television is key to politics. You can't get elected if you don't look good on TV and if you don't use the medium well."

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