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The Regime's Obamacare Strategy
« on: September 30, 2011, 11:19:42 PM »
The Regime's Obamacare Strategy
September 30, 2011


RUSH: We're starting in Topeka, Kansas, with Kip.  You're up first on Open Line Friday, great to have you here.

CALLER:  Thanks Rush.  Good to talk to you.  Dittos from Kansas.  Here's my comment.  I'm a physician and I've been very concerned.  I know you think the Obamacare will be repealed and first that he won't even be reelected.  I also know you think it will be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, especially with the recent decision by the District Court.  But here's my concern.  As we wait for all these things to happen, the federal government is slowly implementing step-by-step Obamacare.  We're already feeling the effects as physicians.  We're already feeling Medicare cuts.  We're already feeling -- the states have already received their money, many of them, from the state exchanges.

RUSH:  I know, patient premiums are already going up.  People are already losing their coverage.

CALLER:  Employers are afraid to hire because they know they're going to have to pay for this expensive premium for their employees.  So the economy stays stagnant.  Doctors are leaving their practices in droves.  And so I'm very concerned that as we sit and wait for all these things to happen, it's going to be too little too late, because it will already be implemented.

RUSH:  I'll tell you where you're going to be right, is if Obama wins.  Their strategy is exactly as you lay it out.  Slow implementation.  Get the roots of this thing, the entitlement aspects, get them planted making it really, really tough to up root them.  I mean, there is a strategy here, and you're right, but it's not too late yet.  And we really need to talk about the regime's strategy in taking this to the Supreme Court.  Because it's multi-facetted what they could be trying to secure here by going to the Supreme Court and asking for an early review of this.  I'm glad you called.


RUSH: I forgot where I saw this, but there was some guy, a blogger -- it might have been National Review Online or something like that -- some guy suggests that Obama wouldn't mind losing at the Supreme Court. Have the thing declared unconstitutional, get that albatross around his neck removed for his reelection. And, of course, he wouldn't mind winning; having it declared constitutional. It's kind of all over the ballpark, but they are trying to speed this up. The regime does want an early ruling on Obama's health care law for whatever reason.


RUSH: I wish I could remember -- I didn't print this out.  I was working feverishly last night, late into the night, prepping the program, and I just can't remember who this guy is. I never heard of him before, I don't think.  It doesn't matter.  It was not that it's anybody particularly well known.  And I always try to catch myself, folks.  You know the power of the printed word, wherever it's printed, be it on a piece of paper, be it in a book, be it in a pamphlet, be it on a web page, if it's printed it automatically has credibility.  Particularly when measured against the spoken word.  It's just the way it is.  Not a complaint.  Just an observation.

You can read some of the whackiest stupidest stuff but just because you're reading it, "Hmmm, could this possibly be true?"  You hear somebody say it -- imagine.  I'll give you a great example.  Read something that Ron Paul says versus watch him say it and you'll probably have a different attitude about it.  When you hear him and watch him say it, "My God, what a kook."  When you read it, "Hmm, this might make some sense."  This guy's theory on Obama and the regime filing their appeal after their partial loss at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, they want a speedy resolution on the constitutionality of Obamacare at the Supreme Court.  They want it before the election.  So they have filed their appeal.  They could have sat on it.  They want the appeal.

This guy's theory has got two prongs, and one theory is that Obama cannot lose if the Supreme Court rules on Obamacare before the election.  If he wins and the Supreme Court says, "Hey, there's no problem here, this bill's constitutional," then he can brag about it and he's got a campaign weapon.  He can wave that ruling around from the court and he can wave Obamacare around and say, "These Republicans, look what they tried to do, but we fought them back and these are the people that want to run the country."  That's a win for him, obviously, if they find it constitutional.  But it might just be as helpful to Obama, given his -- you know the number of people who think he's got no prayer of winning re-election?  That number, across the spectrum, not just from inside-the-beltway wizards of smart, but across the spectrum in this country the number of people who have come to the conclusion that he's toast, I cannot emphasize that enough.

Now, this is not an invitation to get overconfident, because that's an assessment that people are making today.  And if the election were today or tomorrow that would be true.  But anything can happen in the next 14 months or 12 months, anything can happen.  And none of it is predictable.  So you can't say that he's an automatic landslide of a loser unless the election happens with current circumstances still in play.  But if the Supreme Court were to say, "Sorry, Mr. President, but this piece of legislation is unconstitutional," that could even be viewed as a win, because Obama could do two things with that.  One, the albatross of healthcare is removed from around his neck.  Because it is a major negative.  The Obamacare bill is one of the many reasons why his poll numbers are shrinking.

You can look at the poll numbers of the American people, likely voters, registered voters, adults, I don't care what the sample is, you're always going to get a majority of people who don't want it, who don't like it, who want no part of it, don't like Obamacare.  So the Supreme Court says it's unconstitutional.  He gets to cry and point, "Look what the evil Republicans have taken away from you, free healthcare.  The Republicans and their friends on the Supreme Court, we had a healthcare bill that was going to lower your premiums, going to expand your coverage, free healthcare, and the Republicans don't want you to have free healthcare."  Can you see a campaign featuring that?  Oh, yeah.  There's no question he would do that.

Now, we can argue all day long about whether it would work.  But he could turn a loss at the Supreme Court on healthcare into a campaign advantage.  And there are theories that he wouldn't mind, because project number one is getting getting reelected.  I can hear you shouting, "Rush, come on, you're losing sight of the ego aspect, getting healthcare as a piece of legislation passed, the only president in 100 years being able to do it, you think he'll just casually cast it aside?"  Yes, I think if it meant his re-election.  Well, it would energize his leftist base because it would turn them into victims and underdogs, victims of the system, Republicans special interest and who knows these back room deals they might have made with Anthony Kennedy and whatever judges voted and the racism involved.

You can hear all of this.  "Yeah, look at the Supreme Court. There are no black people up there except one conservative black and that's not authentic." Oh, speaking of that, there is a Politico story today.  I've got to get to this.  The Politico has revived the whole notion of Obama's black authenticity.  Yes, yes, that's back.  Not I, El Rushbo, Politico is raising it.  It may be time for The Magic Negro.  I mean, it's right up that alley.  Elements of the left are trying to distance themselves from this guy now.  That's how far down he has plummeted.  So anyway, those are just a couple of theories being bandied about with Obamacare.  And if the court does find it unconstitutional and somehow Obama gets reelected, he finds some backdoor way to get it back and have it more public opinion oriented, who knows.  But you know the left, folks.  They don't stop.  They don't ever stop.  That's why all this is a never-ending lifetime battle.

Jake Tapper has filed another random act of journalism at ABC News: "New Study Underlines Unfulfilled Promises of Health Care Bill."  ABC News, going after Obama on Solyndra and the solar energy scandal and now this.  "A new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation underlines that many of the promises surrounding President Obama’s health care legislation remain unfulfilled, though the White House argues that change is coming."  Wait until you hear this, folks.  This is so quintessential.

"Workers at the Flora Venture flower shop in Newmarket, NH, remember when presidential candidate named Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., promised that their health care costs would go down if they elected him and his health care plan was enacted.  On May 3, 2008, the president told voters that he had 'a health care plan that would save the average family$2,500 on their premiums.'  Last year workers at the flower shop saw their insurance premiums shoot up 41 percent.  'I basically work for the health care payments,' says manager Pat Cowhig, whose husband has medical issues.  The Kaiser Family Foundation shows family premiums topped $15,000 a year for the first time in 2011, increasing a whopping 9% this year." That's more expensive than some cars out there.

"This is three times more than the increase the year before. The study says that up to 2% of that increase is because of the health care law’s provisions, such as allowing families to add grown children up to 26 years old to their policies."  Now, I can imagine, there are some of you in the audience who are for the first time realizing that it's actually going to cost somebody to keep your kids on your health insurance policy until they're 26.  Do you realize how many people thought that was just a no-charge event?  We find out now that the rising insurance premiums and the rate that they're going up is due in part to Obamacare and specifically to the provision that lets children stay on their parents' policies up to age 26.  That's because it costs money.

You thought that you were not going to have to pay anything for an insurance premium for your kid if you kept the kid on your policy up until age 26, as opposed to the kid going out and having to get his own policy.  But wrongo.  Whoever's insured is going to be paying a premium.  So everybody's premiums are going up and all of these saps who believed Obama are now scratching their heads and wondering what the heck happened here?  What about that $2,500 in savings that the President promised?

So Jake Tapper called the White House.  He called the Deputy Chief of Staff Nancy-Ann DeParle, and she said, "Well, yeah, that family will see that savings by 2019."  That's what she said.  "Many of the changes in the Affordable Care Act are starting this year, and in succeeding years, and by 2019 we estimate that the average family will save around $2,000."  Now, how many of you who bought this notion that your health insurance premiums are going to go down by $2,500 thought that you would have to wait 10 years for that?  And how many of you are now hearing that it's going to be 2019 before your premium's reduced $2,000, how many of you now believe that's ever going to happen?  Nobody's premiums are coming down under Obamacare.  There's not one cost of anything that's coming down.  The only way they're going to be able to save money is with their death panels and rationing healthcare.

They're going to put private sector health insurance companies out of business.  But shazaam, all of a sudden now it's going to cost somebody to keep those kids on your policy up to age 26.  It's not just a no-charge thing.  And now the $2,500 Obama was running around, and he was saying it a lot, he was promising it frequently, "Yeah, yeah," says the White House, "that will be in 2019.  It's not $2,500; it's 2,000.  The average family will save $2,000 in premiums by 2019."

"The Kaiser study also indicates employers are switching plans and shifting costs onto employees. Half of workers in smaller firms now face 'deductibles of at least $1,000, including 28 percent facing deductibles of $2,000 or more,' according to the study. Flora Venture’s new policy increased the deductible employees pay to $5,000."  Now what do you bet these people in that flower shop, some voted Obama, they believed this $2,500 crap.  They believed cost coming down, kids for free up to age 26, and now their deductible is up to $5,000.

So Jake Tapper, still talking to Nancy-Ann DeParle of the White House, "Doesn’t that fly in the face of the president’s promise that 'if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan'? ABC News asked DeParle.  She said no -- the president wasn’t saying the legislation would guarantee that everyone can keep his or her preferred plan, just that the legislation wouldn’t force anyone to change."  But it is forcing massive changes, because the costs are skyrocketing out of control.  Just like Obama said unemployment would be kept at eight percent or less if we passed the stimulus.  You can see what it is.  It's 11 percent to 19 percent, depending where you go.  It's an absolute disaster.  This is one of the reasons why, with this news coming out, Obama can't put up with news like this for the next year and hope to be reelected.  So if the court comes along says, "You know what, this thing's unconstitutional."  "Fine, get it out of my hair for now. We'll go back and tackle this later.  I don't want this around my neck as an issue; I can't campaign on it."  Quite understandable.

But the thing to take away from this is that there's no free lunch.  There's no free insurance, coverage premium or treatment.  There's no way the prices are going down when a liberal is in charge of the program.  It's just not humanly possible.  Look at your bank rate.  We opened the show with your ATM fees, your debit card fees, all because of the Durbin Amendment, another Democrat, the Dodd-Frank bill, banks are charging all kinds of new fees to make up for the losses that bill imposes on them, and as always the end user, the consumer, pays.


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