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Regime Launches Tattletale Site
« on: September 14, 2011, 10:30:18 PM »
Regime Launches Tattletale Site
September 14, 2011


RUSH: Now you've got the regime announcing yesterday this thing called Attack Watch. Obama has now...? The regime has a website? This is straight out of the... I saw a funny tweet. Some babe calls herself Virginia Gal has a tweet on this new Attack Watch website, the White House, "Are we gonna be able to read this in the original German?" This is a tattletale site. If you see anybody running around there "lying" about the unemployment rate being 9.1%, if you see or hear anybody "lying" about the fact that all these jobs have been destroyed, you're supposed to report to the regime at Attack Watch and they're gonna be monitoring this stuff.

It's breathtaking here what's happening right now. Normally, I wouldn't want to be a guy watching the White House press briefing today, but I wonder if they'll cancel it. Send Jay Carney out there to answer stuff about all of this. (interruption) They did cancel it. They canceled the press briefing once before. It's not unusual. And then continuing avalanche of bad news: "Retail Sales in the US Unexpected Stagnate on Lack of Jobs." What? This is Bloomberg. "Retail sales in the US unexpectedly stagnated in August as a lack of jobs restrained shoppers, highlighting the risk the economy will suffer..." This is just absurd. This continues to be the theater of the absurd. What in the world is "unexpected" about retail sales stagnating?

So, anyway, folks, we've got a whole lot to do today that's gonna be a whole lot of... Well, Attack Watch is a retread. Remember, they had Fight the Smears, and I guess people lost interest in Fight the Smears 'cause they couldn't find any smears. All there is is the truth about this guy!


RUSH: Now, this Attack Watch thing (sigh), they're very proud of this. They're very excited. They've got this new tattletale site. And imagine, if it only had gone online sooner, then Obama would have won back Weiner's seat! Yeah. Nobody was available to stop all the false attacks on the regime, like the "lies" about 9.1% unemployment, Depression-era unemployment for blacks and young people, Obama's tax increases during a recession. All those lies that we've been telling! His attempt to lessen the charitable donations deduction.

The lies about Fast and Furious, the attempt to undermine the Second Amendment in this country, the lies about Solyndra, the record levels of poverty and food stamp distribution, the home mortgage crisis. All those lies that have been told about Obama, if only Attack Watch had been up, all of those lies could have been stopped. It is impossible to overstate how devastating the loss of this Weiner seat is for Obama and the whole Democrat Party. One of their most vile attack dogs -- Weiner -- in the safest district imaginable is gone, lost his seat. There's no way to spin this. There is no Democrat who is safe. Henry Waxman last night, Henry "Nostrilitis" Waxman, you know what his reaction was? He said, "Well, this is just a bunch of Jews in New York trying to protect their wealth." That was his reaction.

RUSH:  This is what you get when you go to Get the facts. Fight the Smears.  "Join Attack Wire -- and help stop the attacks on the President before they start.

When another unfounded attack surfaces, we'll arm you with the truth so you can share the facts with your friends and family."  Then you put in your e-mail address and your ZIP code, you click on "join," you continue to where you then report the libel, the slander, the unfair criticism of our dear man-child president.  At the bottom it has "Paid for by Obama for America, copyright 2011."  Then it's got the privacy policies and terms of service. 

Now, who's running this thing for Barry?  Propaganda czar?  Black, red, just a hint of white, that's the color of it.  You ought to look at it.  It's black red and just a hint of white on this website.  Could it be more intimidating?  As I say, if they'd-a had this up sooner we could have stopped all these lies about 9.1% unemployment and the destruction of the housing industry, all these lies that people have been telling about Obama for three years.


So I have put together here some gossips and some smears and attacks that I'm gonna submit to Attack Watch. I want to help the president out here. It's an attempt to criminalize any opposition. So the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna report to Attack Watch what Bill Clinton said back in 2008 that Obama was playing the race card on him. I think that Obama needs to know what Clinton's been saying about him, and I'm also gonna report on this website that Bill Clinton believes that Obama has the political instincts of a Chicago thug, because Bill Clinton said that. So I'm gonna report that! I'm gonna fill this out on Attack Watch.

oward Wolfson, Hillary Clinton's former communications director, wrote in the New Republic recently, "Bill Clinton feels like the Obama campaign ran against and systematically dismissed his administration's accomplishments. He feels like he was painted as a racist during the primary process." So I'm gonna submit this by Howard Wolfson of the Clinton machine accused Obama of calling Clinton a racist. Bill Clinton also... You may have forgotten. Bill Clinton said to Ted Kennedy during the 2008 campaign, "You know, a few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee." So I'm gonna report that to Attack Watch. I'm gonna tell the regime, I'm gonna remind 'em what Bill Clinton said to Ted Kennedy.

Harry Reid. Harry Reid said of the nation's highest ranking black Democrat, "Notably he's light-skinned and he has no Negro dialect unless he wants to have one." I'm gonna remind Obama that Dingy Harry said that, and I'm gonna send this. I'm gonna remind President Obama that the Reverend Jackson once was caught expressing a desire to remove Obama's "onions." I don't know if they know that at Attack Watch, but they need to hear about these kinds of things, all these smears and lies. And, of course, then the respected Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported, "According to a senior Israeli government source, the reports reaching Israel indicate Sarkozy views the Democrat candidate's stance on Iran as utterly immature and compromised of formulations empty of all content." So I'm gonna report to Attack Watch that Sarkozy, the French president, thinks Obama is an empty suit.

See, he needs to know this. Who will if I don't?

RUSH: Cary, North Carolina, this is Kelly.  Great to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush, mega dittos to you.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  Rush, I have been uncivil, and I feel like I need to turn myself in so that you could forward what I did to the Attack Watch.

RUSH:  Okay.  Be happy to.  In fact, I'll tell you what's happening with the Attack Watch, it's being overrun with conservatives turning themselves in.

CALLER:  Well, maybe I should go there myself and turn myself in.

RUSH:  I think you should report yourself.  Michelle Malkin sent in her whole column today, and Herman Cain responded to it, said, "Seriously?"  So I think you should turn yourself in.  But what do you want to turn yourself in for?  What did you do?

CALLER:  Well, I just flipped off the presidential motorcade.

RUSH:  You what?  You flipped off the presidential motorcade?

CALLER:  Yes, I did.  I did.  And I'm a retired teacher, High School teacher, I am a grandmother of 12, and I just behaved uncivilly.

RUSH:  Why?  Why would you do this?  Why would you, a grandmother of 12, a retired school teacher, flip off the presidential motorcade?

CALLER:  I've had enough.  I've had enough.  There is a simmering, smoldering anger.

RUSH:  I understand that, but why were you anywhere near the presidential motorcade?  What were you doing even going near it?

CALLER:  I didn't know that he was going to be on I-40 today.  I knew he was going to be in Cary and didn't think any more about it.  I just dismiss him from my thoughts as much as I can. 

RUSH:  So you got delayed, you were in traffic, you got delayed --


RUSH:  -- for the motorcade to go by?

CALLER:  Yes.  And my first thought when I saw the helicopters and the police on the bridge, I thought that there might be some terrorist activity, 'cause we have rounds of ammunition missing from a nearby base.  Anyway, I saw the flag on the presidential car, and before I knew what happened, I jumped out and flipped him off in front of everybody else that was stranded --

RUSH:  Before you even knew what were doing, your instincts to propel you out of your car and you flipped off, a retired school teacher, grandmother of 12, flipped off what you thought was the presidential limousine?

CALLER:  Oh, it was.  Well, it could have been a decoy, but, Rush, I'm going to own it as a good conservative, I own my actions. I'm not blaming Bush. I thought about blaming your tea because I really was drinking your iced tea right before I did it.

RUSH:  Wait, there's no reported evidence of our tea causing irregular human behavior to happen.  But I'll tell you something, include that when you report yourself.  It's

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  Tell them that it might not have been your fault, it might have been the fault of Two If By Tea, Rush Limbaugh's tea.

CALLER:  Okay, if I have your permission, that's what I'll do, then.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  I was going to own it myself.

RUSH:  Well, I'll share it with you.

CALLER:  All right, sounds good.

RUSH:  Yeah.  Yeah, we'll do it together.

CALLER:  Okay, sounds great.

RUSH:  All right, Kelly, thanks.  Thanks very much.  She was caught off guard.  She could claim temporary insanity to the Secret Service, because that's what it sounds like what it was.


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