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The Lessons of the NY-9 Election
« on: September 14, 2011, 10:27:32 PM »
The Lessons of the NY-9 Election
September 14, 2011


RUSH:  It's a tough district for Democrats, folks, we all have to realize this.  They've held that seat for 93 years.  It's a tough place for 'em.  New York 9, very, very tough place.  That Debbie "Washerwoman" Schultz, head of the Democrat National Committee said that, a very tough district for the Democrats.  Feeling sorry for 'em today.  How are you, folks?  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.  Oh, you talk about having an itch and unable to scratch it but today I can.  Great to have you here, Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.  All during this New York 9 thing, I have been going back and forth.  Should I say what I know?  Should I divulge what I know?  Because it would, one way or the other, have a huge impact on the outcome.

There's a lesson here, by the way.  I did not mention the fact throughout all of this that the winner last night in New York 9, Mr. Bob Turner, is the man who gave me my television show in 1992.  Bob Turner was the CEO of Multimedia.  This is back in the days of Jerry Springer, Sally Jessy Raphael, Phil Donahue, and it was Bob Turner who took the risk, it was Bob Turner who took the flier.  And it was then that Roger Ailes and I teamed up and then partnered with Bob Turner.  He was the CEO of Multimedia, which at the time was a large television syndication outfit. 

So all during this campaign I said, "Okay, do I mention this or not?"  It's a New York district.  You know that I am a lightning rod, I do not want to hurt the guy.  And then all through the campaign -- folks, this is not about me, if you'll just stick with me here, there's a lesson here for all of us, that I need to learn myself.  All during this race I kept waiting for Democrat opposition research to blow this up and try to defame Turner.  Look, this is Queens and Brooklyn, and it is a New York district.  Chuck Schumer's old district, Liz Holtzman when it was a different name.  They've redistricted this district so many times, I mean Schumer's had it, Weiner had it, Liz Holtzman had it when it was a different number.  It's been heavy Democrat.  Bob Turner is Catholic, running against an orthodox Jewish guy.  I figured all right, this is pretty much etched in stone.  So I kept waiting for Democrat opposition research to discover this and start plastering it all over the place and I didn't see that. 

All I saw was they were trying to associate Turner with Jerry Springer and to claim that Turner presided over cultural rot and that kind of thing.  The thing about this was that it was all about Obama, make no mistake, this was all about Obama.  Israel was a huge, huge issue.  Anyway, we all fall prey -- this is the lesson -- all of us, I'm talking about us conservatives, but people in general, we all fall prey now and then to the caricatures that the left makes of all of us as conservatives.  It even affects people in the talk radio business.  There are talk radio consultants advising program directors, "You can't go that way, that's angry white man talk."  Well, who created this notion, angry white men?  The liberals did.  And for what purpose?  To discredit all of conservatism.  And so you hear this, and there are other examples I could give you, but in this case the way it manifested itself, I made the assumption that were I to get in this and start talking up Bob Turner it would hurt. 

It turned out it wouldn't have.  It turned out the Democrats did polling -- I just learned this a couple days ago -- the Democrats did opposition research polling in the district and they found out to their shock that I'm very popular in this district.  I have a very supportive audience in this district, which stunned them.  It's Orthodox, it's Israel, blue-collar, it's made up of Democrats that are your father and grandfather's Democrats, not this current crop of leftist Marxist socialists or what have you.  So that's why they tried to tar Turner with Jerry Springer.  But it wasn't gonna work no matter what they tried because this was about Obama. 
But the lesson here is that you gotta fight every day the caricatures and the templates of us that the left puts out there, 'cause one of the things it does is it puts everybody on defense.  It's why the Republicans in Congress, it's why we have so many problems with them.  We all know that what they're trying to do is prove to everybody they're not what is said about them.  They're not racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes. They're not angry white men, whatever the charge is.  And in most cases it's all bogus.  There's no voting bloc of angry white men.  Talk radio is not made up of angry white hosts.  But that's what's been created out there, and of course all the other caricatures that have been made.  So it was a great lesson to learn, to be reminded. 

I know the left like nobody does. I know liberals like every square inch of my glorious naked body, and even I fall prey to the tendency to shut up based on the fact that I think people are going to think of me what the media has told them, and it's not always the case.  This district is a good bit of evidence.  Now, it was not a secret.  It's all over Wikipedia that Turner was responsible for my being on television for four years.  They never once used it, and believe me, the Democrats use me every time they think it's gonna help 'em, and they didn't in this case, and it was not something that Turner kept a secret.  I mean he was asked about it and he answered the question when he was asked about it.  The opposition research people did not use it.  It wouldn't have mattered anyway because this was about Obama.

Folks, it was so satisfying to read the media today.  I had a whole stack here today.  They are shocked to the core at AP.  They are shocked to the core at Politico.  They are shocked to the core at all of the State-Run Media joints.  It's another bitch slap, is what this is, and it continues.  First you had Chris Christie in New Jersey, then you had the Kennedy seat, then you had the governor of Virginia, you had that flip, then you had the 2010 congressional elections.  There is a trend, conservatism is in the ascendancy and it is being aided immensely by Obama, and the Democrats all know this. 

There is an unnamed political consultant -- get this.  This is in I think at or National Journal, one of the two. Yeah, McDonnell, the governor of Virginia's approval rating is at 61%. The Democrats can't believe any of this that's happening to them. They think it's all just a fluke. By the way, there's another point to be made about this race in New York 9. The Tea Party wasn't there. Talk radio wasn't there. I mean, this is pure and simple Bob Turner. This puts the lie to this another myth that all politics is local, because this race had a lot of issues in it that had nothing to do with anything local: Israel and Obama's abandonment -- well, Obama sidling up to Israel's enemies. And of course Obama's economic policies, which Turner, during the campaign, made it clear what he was going to do if he won.

He's gonna go to Washington and start trying to roll this back. The voters of this district knew exactly what they were voting for; they knew exactly what they were voting against. They knew exactly where the candidates were on this, and it cannot be said that there's an artificial aspect to this outcome in any way, shape, manner, or form. It was... (interruption) Well, some of the Democrat unions poured money, but others stayed out of it. Other unions stayed out. I got a story about how some of the unions in New York stayed out of it. They wanted to put their money elsewhere 'cause they long ago thought the seat was gonna be lost. Gay marriage was an issue here. Gay marriage.

The anti-gay marriage position is what emerged as victorious here.

RUSH: Something else here about this New York 9 race, and there's a lot about it. But look at all the conventional wisdom here that has to be thrown out, and I want to make a contrast on something. After Obama's speech last Thursday, the joint session of Congress speech -- the campaign speech where he announced his $457 billion in new tax increases -- what did Boehner do? Boehner put out a press release immediately, and featured prominently in the press release was Boehner assuring everybody how eager the Republicans were to work with Obama on this.

Now, Bob Turner, not one time -- in a New York district that has been Democrat for 90 years, not one time -- did Bob Turner say, "I am eager to go to Washington to work with President Obama." What Bob Turner said was, "Send me to Washington to stop this. Send me to Washington to roll this back." I don't know what Bob Turner did to go out and get precious independent votes, but I'll bet not a whole lot. My point is that the traditional campaign strategery and themes often used by consultants needs to be thrown out. We're in a new era here. The numbers of people that want Republicans to work together with Obama is such a small number you would lose elections if you got every one of them. Bob Turner didn't say he wants to go to Washington to work with Barack Obama.

He said over and over again that he wanted to go to Washington to defeat Obama and to stop what's happening in practically every area of this administration.

RUSH: Drudge has a headline up there about this New York 9 election: "Revenge of the Jews."  Revenge of America is what this is.  This is revenge of America.  And I tell you Mitt Romney and all the rest of you seeking the Republican presidential nomination, the voters don't want to hear how you want to go to Washington to work with the Democrats.  The Democrats are destroying what people hold dear in this country.  They don't want to work with them; they want to beat them.  They want them rendered such a small minority that they can't screw things up.  They have already put career people in all these bureaucracies.  The Department of Justice has been polluted and corrupted for a generation with pure left-wing ideologues.  It's true over at EPA, it's true at any number of places.  It's called election insurance. 

Even when they lose the White House, they have their people in career positions in federal government bureaucracies and in the judiciary.  This has got to be dealt with, not worked with.  Nobody that's gonna vote in the Republican primaries and nobody that's gonna vote in the general election wants Republicans to go to Washington to work with the Democrats.  I remind you again that Bob Turner didn't say that's what he was gonna do.  What did Bob Turner do not to tick off the independents?  I mean they said you can't criticize Obama, no, no, no, don't criticize Obama, it's gonna send the independents running way back to the Democrats.  What did Bob Turner do?  Bob Turner stood every campaign axiom on its head, every bit of conventional wisdom on its head.  That's why the Democrats are in a state of shocked paranoia today.  There's no way they can spin this.  Some of the ways they're trying are laughable. 

No Democrat is safe, because you see, folks, the American people are sick and tired of Democrats lying and smearing and failing.  It is the economy.  It's the uncertainty, it is the fear that this is not how this kinda stuff is supposed happen in this country.  We're not supposed to lose jobs like this and never get them back.  We're not supposed to have a president who presides, happily it seems at times, over the decline of this country.  We are not a country which takes pride in punishing hard work and achievement and taking from those people to give to people who are not helping this country grow.  We never have been that country, and we're not that country, and people don't want America to become that country.  They're tired of the amateur hour that this regime is.  They're tired of the deficit and the never ending stimulus and spending and debt. 

They don't want Obamacare.  They don't want nationalized medicine, forced government-run health care.  They don't want it.  They don't want a president filling out NCAA brackets, going to play golf more than the host of this show does and attending all these parties.  It's the partisan hack speech to a joint session of Congress.  People were not fooled.  It's the price of gasoline, it's the markets, it's the fact that we have put a moratorium on drilling for our own oil.  People are not stupid.  Their lives are affected by what this administration has done, and every chance the people of this country have had to show it at the ballot box, they have done so without doubt.  They did some exit polling in New York 9.  Only 29% of the independents in that district approve of Obama's policies.  Twenty-nine percent of the independents. 

Now, you and I know that every Republican campaign consultant convinces his client, the candidate, to do everything to get independents.  "To hell with the base, you're gonna get the base automatic. We gotta find a way to get the independents, and I'm the guy to tell you how to do it," says the consultant, and the first thing you can't do is attack Obama, and the next thing you can't do is attack Obama, and then the next thing you can't do is criticize Obama 'cause those independents don't like that.  You have to talk about how you want to work together, how you want to be unified as a country.  Well, you know what Bob Turner said he would do to resolve the US debt?  Bob Turner said he would cut federal spending by 35% by eliminating the US Department of Agriculture and the EPA and reducing the size of the Department of Education. 

Bob Turner won in a near landslide in a New York district that's been Democrat for 90-plus years by saying he would cut federal spending by 35%, by eliminating the US Department of Agriculture and the EPA and reducing the size of the Department of Education.  On immigration Turner has stated that an immigration system is already in place, there's no need to create a new one to address those in the US illegally.  He opposes amnesty for illegal aliens, and he made no secret of this.  Bob Turner's a Catholic, he's pro-life, and he personally supports the Defense of Marriage Act.  He also opposes Obamacare, and all of this was essentially shouted by Turner in his campaign. 

The people of New York 9 had no question what they were doing. There was no doubt. And none of those issues are local. You know, Tip O'Neill, "all politics is local," that's an old bromide that's another one of these tricks by the left to get Republicans not to try to contest certain elections. "No, no! Look, you can't win New York 9! All politics is local. You shouldn't even mess with it. You don't have a chance here." This election should nationalize every election. You make every election about Barack Obama. You make every election about him because when you do that you're making the election about America and where this country is being taken -- and it is clear, ladies and gentlemen, that you and I are in a vast, large majority of Americans that don't want to go any further down the road we're on.

Look at what's happening here. Another stimulus! The number of jobs created with the first stimulus: Negligible. And this is not even a jobs bill. We had this unrest in the Middle East. "The Arab Spring," we were all told. There's Obama trying to claim what happening in Egypt, "Yeah, these people just trying to replicate my own campaign 2008. Hope and change!" We have Sharia Spring happening in the Middle East. Union thugs throughout Wisconsin, Madison particularly. Union thugs at the port in Seattle. Union thugs beating up Tea Party people in St. Louis. There is a cumulative effect to all of this, and while the union thugs are engaging in goonry, goonionism and thuggery, Obama gives speeches about "civility," blaming Republicans and conservatives for all of these horrible acts of violence that are taking place when he has personally encouraged this kind of behavior.

It's all of this. And so what does he do? He puts up a commie tattletale site to shut down dissent from this mess: Attack Watch. So while the president has succeeded in his policy objectives, he is failing in his effort to get support for it, which means he is governing entirely against the will of a vast majority of people in this country. So what does he do? He has failed to garner support, so his solution is a tattletale website to bully and lie. It's pathetic. It's another admission that he's in over his head and wasn't qualified to be president. He proves it every time he responds to a self-made problem. Won't be long before Moochelle's packing her bags for another vacation, I guarantee you.

She'll get outta Washington and all the heat here.

RUSH: Let's go to the audio sound bites. Bob Turner last night, Howard Beach in Queens at the victory party for winning New York 9. This is just a portion of what he said...

TURNER: This is an historic race. We've been asked by the people of this district to send a message to Washington, and I hope they'll hear it loud and clear.

SUPPORTERS: (cheers and applause)

TURNER: This is a referendum. Mr. President, we are on the wrong track. ... We have had it with the irresponsible fiscal policy which endangers the entire economy and every one of our social safety networks. We have had it with your treatment of Israel.

RUSH: There you have it. So he didn't say he wanted to go work with Obama, did he? He didn't say he's eager to go work with the Democrats and get things done. He didn't say all the stuff we Republicans are "supposed" to say. Only 29% of the independents in an exit poll in this race support Obama. Here is last night, Mayor Ed Koch also at the victory party.

KOCH: I said to myself, "We can turn this election into a referendum," and we did! You did!

SUPPORTERS: (cheers and applause)

RUSH: The regime is being rejected by the most liberal voters in America, New York 9! And here's Dov Hikind, Brooklyn state assemblyman also at the victory party.

HIKIND: There is no question that the people of this congressional district were speaking for the rest of America --

SUPPORTERS: (cheers and applause)

HIKIND: -- that they are sick and tired of the policies of the Obama administration, and they want real change!

RUSH: Dov Hikind, who is a major Democrat in New York.

RUSH: Cynthia Tucker is no longer with the Atlanta Urinal & Constipation.  She's a syndicated columnist and they publish her column.  She left in August of this year, I think, very recently.  She is a visiting professor at the University of Georgia's journalism school and writing a syndicated column.  She was on PMSNBC this morning with F. Chuck Todd on his show.  They're talking about New York 9.  F. Chuck said, "Today, Democrat Representative Javier Becerra said he actually didn't use the 'Oh, it's all local' excuse.  He said, 'Hey, this is a message being sent.'  Now, he tried to say it wasn't a message against President Obama; it's a message against Washington.  What do you say?" 

TUCKER:  I say it's a message against Democrats.  This is, I'm sorry, unabashed bad news for the Democratic Party and for President Obama in particular.  Because he's identified not only with the economy which played out large in the election to replace Anthony Weiner, but also he's identified with the policy on Israel which so many Orthodox Jews were pushing back against.

TODD:  Right.

TUCKER:  Rightly or wrongly, he is seen as not being as strong a supporter of Israel, they don't like the fact that he stood up and said they need to go back to the 1967 borders for peace negotiations.

RUSH:  So I don't think there's any doubt this is gonna get ugly now.  Cynthia Tucker here fingering the Orthodox Jews for Barry's defeat in New York.  Yeah, we'll keep a sharp eye on this, but there's no question that it's gonna get ugly.  Now, the Washington Post:  "The New York Special Election: Will Democrats Panic?" is the headline.  There are better questions to ask than, will the Democrats panic.  How about, will the Democrats finally listen to the American people?  Will the Democrats abandon Obamacare?  Will the Democrats concede the Tea Party's an important organic middle class political movement?  Will the Democrats ask Obama to step down?  Will the Democrats admit collectivism fails every time it's tried? 

No, no, no, none those questions, no, no.  Will the Democrats panic?  And here's a revealing sentence from the Washington Post story.  "That perception, which national Democratic leaders will do everything they can to beat back today, is a dangerous one for already-skittish Democrats concerned about how the still-staggering economy and the president’s unpopularity will impact them next fall."  Well, there are two things we can agree on here, folks, first, the economy hasn't turned the corner, and, second, Obama is unpopular.  And these are two huge admissions by the State-Run Media. 

Folks, you don't know the depth of despair that is being felt to the very core, when there is one, of Democrats all across the country today.  The propaganda no longer works, the spin isn't flying.  Then there's this from the Washington Post story:  "According to an attendee, Doyle warned that if Democrats lost the New York special election, all members of Congress 'could get sent home,'" at least those with a D after their names.  And let's not forget AP, this is Beth Fouhy: "GOP Upset Win in New York Portends Challenge for Obama."  They are shaken to the core. 

This AP story's unlike any I've seen recently.  They talk about the impact of this, how unlikely this was.  They admit that it's voter frustration over the sour economy and Obama's policies, making the improbable a reality, that a political novice could win a Democrat district for 90 years.  Yeah, they're shaken to the core out there.  And then:  "Republicans Easily Win Nevada House Election -- Nevada Republican Mark Amodei easily won a special election on Tuesday to fill a vacant House of Representatives seat in a largely rural district that has never sent a Democrat to Congress. With 95 percent of precincts counted, Amodei had collected over 57 percent of votes compared to 36 percent for Democratic state Treasurer Kate Marshall.

"A Republican win in such a traditionally conservative area that narrowly favored John McCain in 2008 had not been expected to send any strong signal for national politics or for how Nevada will vote in 2012."  The district narrowly favored McCain and a 57-36% blowout isn't considered surprising?  Doesn't send any strong signals?  In their dreams. 

In The Politico, Jonathan Martin, Ben Smith, and Jake Sherman, they assigned three people to it: "Twin Defeats Spark Democratic Fears."  In this story Steny Hoyer lays the blame at Obama's feet.  In this story Bloomberg poll shows that 51% don't think Obama's latest tax bill will work.  A Bob Turner consultant Steve Goldberg said, "Our campaign was all Obama.  Not even a thought of anything else."  The original AP story last night, in the first paragraph:  "Republicans had scored an upset victory in a House race that became a referendum on Obama's economic policies." There you have it.  They had no choice.  They didn't even try any propaganda.

RUSH: What? (interruption) No. I found him to be a total gentleman. He was honest. Bob Turner. Snerdley wants to know what kind of guy Bob Turner was. Bob Turner was as honest as anybody I have ever met in the broadcast business. (interruption) No, I did not play golf with him. I was not playing golf, period, when I met Bob Turner. I didn't start playing golf 'til I finished my TV show and eventually moved to Florida. I finished the TV show in '96 and moved to Florida in 1997. The TV show was from 1992 to 1996, and Turner was competent. He didn't try to enforce the Multimedia way on me. He knew what he had. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him, being with him. He was just as honest and straightforward as he could be.

There was no guile about the guy. He didn't play any psycho games with me. You know, every boss plays psycho games with people. He didn't. He was a straightforward, a straight shooter. I did not know at the time really what his politics were. I made a pretty safe assumption after I got to know him. But no, he's 70 years old now, and he looks the same today as he did when we started that TV show in 1992. He does not look like he's aged all. His health is obviously good. His wife is a special needs nurse, and she is a huge fan of talk radio. They're fine people. Let's grab some phone calls. People are patiently waiting. And, folks, I barely scratched the surface. I still gotta get to Solyndra, these four other solar firms that have been started up, despite Solyndra. They're blaming now Bush for Solyndra that happened.

Let's go to West Chester, New York. Rocco, you're up first, great to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.


CALLER: I'm here in New York state, and the Bob Turner Republican victory definitely shows a change in the sentiment of the American voter and reflects Obama's low approval rating, but I'm wondering if a Republican i gonna retain that seat because New York has to shed two representatives due to redistricting; and, remember, when the Weiner resigned, you know, they were saying it was gonna be inconsequential because that seat would probably be eliminated. So I'm asking you 'cause I don't know. Could they just as easily get rid of this guy?

RUSH: Well, yeah. The 2010 Census will cause redistricting, and the Democrats will be in charge of that in New York. So I can't tell you anything conclusive. You know, the House ultimately will decide what districts gets redistricted. The Democrats running New York will put in their requests and try to muscle their way and so forth. But even before the actual election, like you, I had read that -- and the New York statehouse is in the hands of Republicans, too. So the Democrats, if they do target this district to get rid of, they're gonna have trouble. But I don't know. I've read that, like you, that this district was going to be eliminated anyway regardless who won this.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: So --

CALLER: Either way, like you said, it's a referendum on how the people are feeling when it goes this way. I mean, it's that... You know, this is a bigger win. It...

RUSH: Let me tell you something about this district. Look, Anthony Weiner, this was Obama on steroids! They elected Anthony Weiner. Now, what this tells me here is that... Well, let me think about this 'cause I'm not entirely sure I'm right about this, in New York.


RUSH: By the way, folks, on this redistricting business in New York, don't start attaching any conspiracies here.  This was going to happen.  New York's gonna lose two seats simply because of demographics and population shift.  There were talks that this district was gonna be eliminated.  The voters are not gonna be eliminated, they're just gonna redraw the lines.  The Republicans are in charge of this.  New York state redistricting is up to the governor and the legislature.  And in previous discussions of this, it was said that the most likely outcome is that there would be a deal where each party would lose one district.  Now, I can't imagine the Republicans willingly giving this one up, given the symbolic nature of it, but who knows.

At some point New York is gonna lose two congressional seats, and this may be one of them.

RUSH: Democrats in this country... I'm looking at New York 9, I just remembered I wanted to cleat deplete this thought. Looking at New York 9, the Democrats in that district, I mean this is the district that elected Weiner seven times. Weiner was Obama on steroids. Weiner is today's Democrat Party. He is angry, enraged all the time. He is far, far to the left. He is not the Democrats of the sixties or seventies, and what I'm thinking about here is: What does this mean for the Democrats in this district?

I was thinking of saying that this election, New York 9, could well mean that even the most hardcore New York Democrats are not nearly as far gone as Obama is. But I caught myself, because, of course, Upper West Side they are -- and in the Village they are. Parts of the Village, Snerdley, no question. In fact, in a lot of parts of Manhattan and New York City, they are. But this district, look at what was on the ballot. There were two things: Obama and everything associated with him, and Israel. And these people wanted no more of what Obama is offering. They want no more job stimulus. They don't want any more of his agenda. It was not a landslide, but it wasn't close.

Turner ran in this race previously and got wiped out the last time he ran. So I don't want to go too far in analyzing this and trying to extrapolate what this means about Democrats nationwide -- voters, Democrats nationwide -- but I do feel comfortable in saying that this country, the vast majority of this country does not want any part of Obama and what he's doing and we he's taking the country. They don't want any more of it, they don't want it. None of it. He had his chance and people are fed of. We are in the vast majority here of people who oppose this. Which is a comforting thing, because people always wonder, "Gosh, have we lost the country?" meaning the people of the country; and the Democrats are thinking the same thing I'm thinking here, too, and they're asking themselves this, analyzing it in their own professional way.

You know, what does this really mean all across the country because of this particular sample of Democrats? Now, the 9th district, just to put this in perspective: New York 9 is supposed to be the most conservative district in New York City outside of Staten Island, and look how liberal it is. This is my point. It is considered the most conservative. So at the bare minimum -- at the bare minimum -- what this shows so that even on the left, even on the far left, on the Democrat side of things, there are deep pockets of resistance to this regime.

Now, what does that mean? It means for the Republicans, stop being mealymouthed. It means take advantage of this and stop acting in fear and stop acting defensive. You know, get rid of the playbook from 2008 that said you couldn't criticize and you wanted to work with and all the historical aspect. That's done! The country is being eternally harmed. People don't want any more of it, and they want it reversed -- and they're looking at you doing it. I think also Republicans ought not assume that just 'cause they've got an (R) beside their names that they're safe. They have to say the right things, and then do 'em. That's another lesson to take out of this New York 9.


RUSH: Bob Turner just appeared on Fox with Megyn Kelly, and she said to him, "Bob Turner, are you shocked?"

TURNER: I expected to win. (chuckling) I've lived in this district my whole life. I kind of have my ear to the ground. I sensed the mood of the people, and I'm not surprised.

KELLY: The Democrats are coming out right now in part and they're blaming this on a lot of things, but we're hearing a lot of, "It's all Anthony Weiner's fault."

TURNER: Anthony Weiner was history. I don't believe he was even a small factor in this campaign. This is the new spin.

KELLY: Who was the factor?

TURNER: President Obama. Loud and clear.

RUSH: "President Obama, loud and clear," and somewhere in the Republican establishment they're cringing every time Turner opens his mouth. "Oh, no! Oh, God, don't say that! It's gonna hurt us with the independents! Oh, no, don't say that!" You know they're doing that. Some of our intelligentsia in the media, "Gosh, I wish Turner would shut up. Oh, my God you don't go out there and do this. You don't criticize Obama. Leave that to us." Mark my words.

RUSH: The Nevada guy ran against Obama, too, and this guy, his margin of victory was 22%. The Republican candidate in Nevada ran hard against Obama and everything he represents, and this is a district that almost went for Obama 2008. So you have New York 9 and this district in Nevada, and in neither case did the Republican winner express any desire to go to Washington and "work with the Democrats to solve our mutual problems" or any of that that horse manure. This is all about Obama, and I'm sure if I search the archives of this program... The Scott Brown election in Massachusetts was all about Obama.

All of these elections, November 2010, all about Obama -- and the Democrats know it, and they're flummoxed. But at the same time they know that they have been running against the will of the people. They knew they were gonna get shellacked in 2010 in the midterms. They knew it! Do you know why they didn't present a budget? I'll tell you the real reason they didn't present a budget: The conventional wisdom they didn't present a budget is because it would harm them at election time when people see how much they wanted to spend and the tax and all that. No, no. A Democrat budget is nothing more than which contributors are being paid off and how.


RUSH: Who's next to the program? This is Melissa in Newark, Delaware, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It's great to talk with you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I'm an American Israeli, and I'm very happy today; because in my mind, this is a great day for America, for Israel with Turner's win in New York. This is just a wonderful day. And I wanted to raise a related point to the subject about Obama's popularity that nobody's really talking about. I mean, there are always reports about how Obama compares to other presidents at specific intervals of his presidency.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: But the real tell here is that his poll numbers have been consistently dropping after only six months of being in the White House.

RUSH: That's an excellent point. It was a slow trickle --

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: -- and now it's speeding up.

CALLER: Right -- and, you know, here's the thing. It shows how really unpopular he has been on a consistent basis. It was as if the novelty of his election wore off really quickly, like "hope and change" turned into "doom and gloom" only six months after becoming president.

RUSH: That's exactly right. The historical nature of his presidency and The Messiah characteristics, all that stuff, started evaporating pretty soon because a lot of people had those unrealistic fantasy utopian expectations and dreams. And Obama, nor anybody else, can deliver utopia because there is no such place. So, Melissa, I'm glad you called. I appreciate it.


RUSH: We said, I said months ago, "Any Republican who ran on the promise to undo everything Obama has done would win." I told a Heritage Foundation gathering that the reason Trump is resonating is because he's going right after Obama. That is exactly Bob Turner did. That's what the guy in Nevada did. It's what every one of us has to do and every Republican presidential candidate that wants to win has to go after Obama and what he's done.


"It aint what you don't know that kills you.  It's what you know that aint so!" ...Theodore Sturgeon

"If you want to change the world, go home and love your family".    ...Mother Teresa

"It's not the mountain before you, but the pebble in your shoe"      ....or something like that

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