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Thrill Gone from Obama Speeches
« on: August 15, 2011, 08:46:24 PM »
Thrill Gone from Obama Speeches
August 15, 2011


RUSH: Oh, look, there's our president.  He's out there in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.  Should we JIP a little of this?  You never know what you may get, our cameras and microphones are there.  Let's listen to a little bit of it.

OBAMA:  Basically what we need to do is we need to cut about $4 trillion over the next ten years.  Now, that sounds like a big number, it is a big number.  But, you know, if we were able to, as I proposed --

RUSH:  Space alien attack.

OBAMA:  -- cut about $2 trillion in spending --

RUSH:  Space alien attack, that's the answer.

OBAMA:  -- if folks who could best afford it, millionaires and billionaires, were willing to eliminate some of the loopholes that they take advantage of in the tax code and do a little bit more --

RUSH:  This is what people want to hear, right?

OBAMA:  And if we were willing to take on some of the long-term costs that we have on healthcare --

RUSH:  Boy, I am inspired, I am really inspired by this.

OBAMA:  If we do those things --

RUSH:  Yeah.

OBAMA:  -- we could solve this problem --

RUSH:  Really?

OBAMA:  -- tomorrow.

RUSH:  Is that it? 

OBAMA:  I put a deal before the speaker of the House, John Boehner --

RUSH:  Close loopholes.

OBAMA:  -- that would have solved this problem.

RUSH:  Solve the problem.

OBAMA:  And he walked away because his belief was we can't ask anything of millionaires and billionaires and big corporations in order to close our deficit.
RUSH:  Okay, that's enough.  There's no applause.  There's no rah-rah.  This is not what people want to hear. Four trillion in cuts wouldn't be necessary if he hadn't run it up, number one.  Number two, people want jobs. I really don't think at this stage people give a rear whatsoever about the rich having a tax increase, and a lot of people are saying, "How is that gonna help me?"  You know, for years the Democrats have been doing this class envy business and they've been trying to tell people, "You know, there's a lot of people out there doing better than you. Millionaires, billionaires, corporate jet owners, yacht owners, you know, we're gonna tax 'em, we're gonna raise taxes on 'em."  Yay! 

Now, after that happens, how is your life any better off?  In fact, it may be worse off if you happen to work for one of them.  This is uninspiring. This is off point, and more than that I can tell in just that little brief JIP that we just did the difference in this Obama and 2008 campaign Obama is profoundly stark.  There is no rah-rah.  There is no lifting up. There is no lowering of the seas or any of this messianic stuff.  And more than that, there's something else.  I'll tell you how bad it is.  Folks, this is hilarious.  I just noticed this.  MSNBC, take a look at that.  They got a split screen, they got Obama on the left, and they got F. Chuck Todd.  Now, Obama's doing his big rah-rah speech, right?  They're covering Chuck Todd, whatever he's saying about it, not Obama.  Now they're back to Andrea Mitchell. Okay, now they've cut back to Obama.  It's so bad that in order to save Obama's face they had to cut out of it and have F. Chuck Todd translate what Obama's trying to say and tell that to Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington.  Then they go back to Obama.  That's hilarious.  That's something that has to be seen to be believed.  I've never seen that before. 

But what I was gonna say is there's simply no humor.  Have you noticed Obama does not have a sense of humor about anything?  Well, everybody's got a sense of humor.  I mean a sense of humor is a sense.  He has no sense of humor.  I know he's a cold, cold guy, but he has no sense of humor, jocularity.  Somebody needs to tell him that it's not 1933 anymore.  The New Deal policies of 1933 are not gonna win the future.  They didn't even win the past.  Even Paul Krugman knows that. Paul Krugman admitted it on CNN yesterday by saying essentially it was an alien invasion, i.e. World War II got us out of the New Deal.  Nope, nobody's fainting in Minnesota.  Now, normally at a thing like this Obama would say, (imitating Obama) "Uh, wait, wait somebody, somebody in the front row just... oh, no, give them some room out there. We got medic?  Give 'em some air, some air, water."  Hasn't happened. 

Sparse applause. It looks like a relatively small crowd in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. He's standing in front of the falls. It looks like if he took one step back he's be falling in the water. It's just the optics. Maybe the optics are supposed to be he's standing on the water. Now, the Romney hecklers. Just to talk about this. The Romney hecklers were professional protesters put there by George Soros money. They were sent there by Organizing for America. "Blabbermouth" Schultz said that Obama's in great shape, and he's saying if we could just freeze current spending we would cut more than $7 billion. You know where that comes from? Ssee, folks, we had the news a couple of weeks ago now that because of the baseline, if Boehner were to announce just a budget freeze -- next year we're gonna spend not one dime more than we did this year -- the CBO would score that as a $9.5 trillion cut over ten years.

So Obama has picked that up and said if we just freeze current spending we would cut more than $7 billion. (snorts) How does that...? That alone gives away the game. A freeze equals a cut of $7 billion. No, it doesn't! In his lingo, a freeze means there's $7 billion that we wouldn't spend, but we're not "cutting" anything. So Obama increases the deficit by $4 trillion in less than two and a half years. Why can't we cut it by $4 trillion in two and a half years? Because we don't want to. He doesn't want any cuts, and I doubt... Folks, I'm watching MSNBC and I'm watching Fox. There must not be much diversity in the crowd because we're not seeing any of the audience. I saw one audience shot from the rear, and you couldn't tell who was who. It didn't look like a large crowd, but obviously it doesn't fit the network mold of diversity, otherwise we'd be seeing more of the crowd.

RUSH: Carolyn, Villanova, Pennsylvania, great to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Very well. Thanks very much.

CALLER: We're in the middle of a huge thunderstorm here so if I lose you, it's because of the thunderstorm.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: I just have to say one thing: I think you were wrong today about something you said.

RUSH: Oh, no.

CALLER: Well, don't get upset. It's not a really huge mistake.

RUSH: Oh, good.

CALLER: But you did say that you thought almost everybody has a sense of humor.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: And I have to disagree with you on that because I think most really left-wing nutcases do not have senses of humor.

RUSH: Well... Well, yeah. Yeah. In public, you may have a point. In public, you may have a point.

CALLER: I really think they don't. I've talked to many of them, and I have a hard time having a good time with them and just discussing because they can never laugh about anything.

RUSH: Yeah, but, you know, Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd, when they were doing the waitress sandwich thing, they were having a blast.

CALLER: (gigging)

RUSH: They found a lot of humor in that. When they're in private, they have fun. But you're right. I know what you mean. Their hands, they're wringing their hands so tight, so tight.

CALLER: They take themselves so seriously. They're just as serious as a heart attack.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: So, anyway, the other thing I wanted to say was I just cannot believe how hypocritical this administration is. They're talking about all the debt and the deficit and, you know, they're gonna take from the millionaires and the billionaires; and here's this guy, he's the first one as a candidate, presidential candidate to raise a billion dollars for a campaign.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: You've gotta be kidding me.

RUSH: From millionaires and billionaires.

CALLER: That's obscene! And who are the idiots that keep giving him money, since they're the ones he's going to go after?

RUSH: Great question, great question. Well, they're loyalists for reasons other than intellectual application. They're loyalists for the party or they're just guilty white people. Believe me, there's still plenty of those around. Or they simply are doing what they think they have to do to stay in good favor with their bosses, i.e., as in Hollywood. There's any number of reasons.

CALLER: What about all the ones out of Wall Street? He just had a fundraiser up there a couple of weeks ago, and I think to get in it was like $36,000?

RUSH: Yeah. They're all in on the joke.

CALLER: I just don't understand it. But I will say that 90% of the people that I know that voted for him are absolutely never voting for that guy a second time.

RUSH: Well, I hope that that's true nationwide. Just remember: Some of these big donors -- don't ever forget -- are trying to buy waivers for their companies from health care or other aspects of Obamaism.

RUSH: Folks, I have to tell you. Now, I may be making too big a deal out of this, but neither network... Well, I don't know about CNN, but nobody's covering Obama anymore out there on his trail. CNN's not, either. Not a good sign, folks. Not a good sign. It means that the president's not inspiring anybody out there. I have to tell you, what I saw on MSNBC during the last commercial break, maybe two commercial breaks ago, I decided not to just look at it but I listened. They had a split screen, and on the left was Obama out there in Cannonball, Minnesota, or Cannon Run, whatever, and he's speaking.

He's in shirt sleeves, and he's speaking, gesticulating, and in the other screen is Chuck Todd. Normally, when Obama speaks, these people get out of the way and whatever Obama says gets full coverage. So I tuned in. You know what F. Chuck was talking about? Michele Bachmann! He was ripping on Michele Bachmann for some uncouth maneuver of hers somewhere in Iowa, fundraising, signing autographs, I don't know what it was all about. But while Obama was speaking? It must have been so bad that MSNBC decided they could do more damage -- or, let me put it a different way: They could help Obama more -- by not covering what he was saying; just showing him out there speaking while having F. Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell rip into Michele Bachmann.

Now, that's a first and a sure sign that whoever is running the show behind scenes at MSNBC did not think Obama was good TV at that point. Let's see. (sigh) So Obama's out there in this bus tour. Is he gonna meet up with Tavis Smiley and Cornel West? You know, they have a poverty tour. We covered their poverty tour last week. Their poverty tour went to C-SPAN and MSNBC and CNN, and I haven't heard anything about the poverty tour since then. But they visited all the liberal media outlets and were complaining about how hard the poor have it in Obamaville, but they didn't get out into Obamaville. Maybe Tavis Smiley... Well, no, I take it back. Tavis doesn't want to meet up with Obama because Obama's never invited Tavis to the White House. So forget that, that won't happen. The "Brother Cornel" and "Brother Tavis" poverty tour will not meet up with Debt Man Driving. Won't happen.


RUSH: Here it is. This is what's going on. Now, this is not what I heard. This is not F. Chuck Todd berating Michele Bachmann while Obama's speaking, but this is during Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC. This is while Obama is speaking at the first stop on the bus tour. There's a split screen. Imagine Obama in a big portion of the left side of the screen and on the right back and forth with F. Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell.

MITCHELL: Chuck, it sounds to me as though he's campaigning as though he were Harry Truman. This is, uh, right out of that old playbook.

TODD: I -- I -- I -- I know. It --

MITCHELL: Running against Congress.

TODD: That's exactly right. These people waited in line to get tickets. These are supporters. They didn't get handed out the supporters. It was open to the public but you had to wait two, three hours standing in line; hope that you could get in. They didn't hand out very many tickets and so they were excited to be here, excited to be at the event. They were all excited supporters, you could tell, of him in 2008 -- and they felt very nervous. Like, nervous supporters of him is probably the best way to describe.

RUSH: Nervous supporters? Nervous is how you feel when your team's in the Super Bowl and you got no confidence they're gonna win! That's what a nervous supporter is. But see? They're telling us what he's doing: "He sound like Harry Truman!" Who's to know? They're not letting us hear him, and they're telling us who the supporters are: "Not very many of 'em, had to wait two or three hours in line; all supporters, very nervous, like nervous supporters of him the best way to describe 'em." Why would they be nervous?

RUSH: Here's Obama this afternoon in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, a town hall event, part of the taxpayer funded bus tour. An audience member says, "I'm hoping that you and your colleagues will remember everything possible to make certain that confidence is restored to the country and that we have a bright future."

OBAMA: You know, I -- I -- I know it's not election season yet, but I -- I just have to mention, you know, the debate, duhh, the other party candidates were having the other day, wheeeen they were asked, "T'reduce our deficit, reduce our debt, would you be willin' to take a deal where it was $5 of spendin' cuts for every $1 increased revenues? Who will take it?" Everybody said no. They said, "How 'bout ten to one: $10 of cuts for every dollar increase in revenue? Are you sayin' that none of you would take it?" and everybody raised their hand! None of them would take it. Think about that. I mean, that's just not common sense.

RUSH: So Fox News can be proud. They managed to ask a question in the Republican debate tailor-made for the regime, for Obama to run out there and quote. Now, actually the answer was very smart. Like I said Friday (while suffering the ravages of an unknown virus), that's the biggest set-up question on the face of the earth. Any Republican on that debate panel that said, "Yeah, I'll take the deal," is finished. It's a Republican primary! You don't start raising taxes, especially in one of these "X-number of dollars in cuts in exchange for X-number of dollars in tax increases," 'cause the cuts never happen. Ronaldus Magnus learned that. George H. W. Bush learned that. A lot of Republican presidents have learned it. The cuts never happen. The tax increases do. That's one of the questions, by the way, that explains why the mainstream media gave such high marks to Fox for their debate questions.


RUSH: By the way, up there on Drudge... Oops! He changed the headline. He had up there our "Magical Misery Tour." You know, we went through our list of names. I still like Debt Man Driving, but he had it up there Magical Misery Tour. Now it's Worst Week, Obama wiping sweat off the brow. Not going well out there in Cannon Falls whatever it is. No, it's up to these candidates to get noticed, and in terms of the presstitutes on the left, a black Republican, they're gonna ignore.

It's a shame, actually, but, it's the case. You know, this ten-for-one deal, maybe Obama can tell us what spending has been offset by cuts according to paygo, which has been the law of the land since 2009. When did Pelosi push that? Was it 2007, 2006? Whenever, it's been the law of the land for quite a while. Can Obama tell us what spending has been offset by cuts, according to paygo? Just name one cut! There isn't one. There has not been a cut. The question ought to be, when we get around to these debates -- after we have a nominee and we get the actual presidential debates -- I would hope that if Fox gets one of these debates, that one of the questions would be, "President Obama, before we get to the $1 in tax increases, can you tell us what $10 in spending cuts you'd propose?"

Let's go about this the other way around. Everybody always says, "Would you go for ten to one ratio, cuts for every dollar increase in revenue? Would you? Would you do that? Let's hear about the cuts first. What -- what ten dollars of in spending cuts would be propose for every dollar in tax increase you got?" Then we can talk, 'cause you folks at the White House aren't cutting anything. There are no cuts in your bus tour, no cuts in your trip to Martha's Vineyard, no cuts period. It was February 12th, 2010 when Obama signed statutory paygo rules into law. So it's been two years. Well, almost two years, so year and a half, and paygo is exactly what it says: You pay for what you do. You either raise taxes or you cut something if you're gonna spend something new. So, Mr. President, what are the cuts that have occurred as you have run up $4 trillion new debt? Where are the cuts, Mr. President? Where is the paygo? That law isn't even paid attention to? Pure and simple.


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Re: Thrill Gone from Obama Speeches
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