Author Topic: Palin Makes Tapper Wait for Heifer  (Read 638 times)

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Palin Makes Tapper Wait for Heifer
« on: August 15, 2011, 08:41:46 PM »
Palin Makes Tapper Wait for Heifer
August 15, 2011


RUSH: Sarah Palin just sends these people for loops.  Let me find the sound bite here.  This is from ABC's This Week, old buddy Jake Tapper fill-in host.  At the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines Jake Tapper is following Sarah Palin around.  Listen to this.

TAPPER:  May I ask you a substantive question or two?

PALIN:  Yeah, hold on one second.

TAPPER:  Okay.

PALIN:  I'm going to go meet a heifer first.

TAPPER:  A heifer first?

PALIN:  First, yeah.

RUSH:  She told Jake Tapper, you hang on, bud, I gotta meet a cow first.  Yeah, I'll answer any question you want but I gotta meet a heifer first.  And Jacob Tapper, "A heifer first?"  Yeah.  Yeah.  She just sends 'em for loops. 

I knew Perry getting in would add dynamics to this race.  I said so some months ago.  So this is getting exciting now.  It's percolating and all kinds of controversy is now simmering up, even on the conservative side as to who's a real conservative and who isn't, who the so-called conservative intelligentsia is going to back, who are they afraid of. Leave it to me, folks, to sort all of this out for you. 


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