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The 14th Amendment Truth
« on: July 28, 2011, 06:10:13 PM »
The 14th Amendment Truth
July 28, 2011


RUSH: Prosper, Texas, Pam.

CALLER:  This is the second biggest thrill of my life.  My first biggest thrill was when I followed you in the gallery at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic in 2001 at La Quinta Country Club.  Your partners were Arnold Palmer and Emmitt Smith.  It's a privilege to talk to you again today.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.  Gosh, I remember that.  It was fun.

CALLER:  Oh, it was one of the thrills of my life.  But what concerns me is I saw Martha MacCallum on Fox News interview a female press aide for Obama.  She said Obama is considering invoking the 14th Amendment, and he thinks he has the right to do so and he can go ahead and on his own increase the debt limit here and the crisis will be averted.  However, there was a gentleman that she interviewed subsequently named Mike Carvin, and he said that Obama is not paying attention to one section, one bit of wording in the 14th Amendment and that says that he has to be authorized by law, meaning he needs a vote of the Congress to be able to raise the debt limit on his own.  Is this going to be an impeachable offense, Rush? 

RUSH:  Well, nobody is going to bring up impeachment articles against Obama.  That isn't going to happen.  Now, this 14th Amendment business.  We dealt with that, what, three weeks ago, three weeks ago in profound detail.  What you need to know about this is quite simply the 14th Amendment does not authorize the President of the United States to spend money.  They're claiming that the Constitution gives the president the authority to protect the full faith and credit of the United States.  It does not.  They're taking out of context one sentence in the 14th Amendment.  They're ignoring a couple of Supreme Court decisions.  This has been written about extensively by legal scholars.  If the 14th amendment allowed the president to spend money anytime he wants for whatever reason it would have been done by now --

CALLER:  Yeah, right.

RUSH:  -- by plenty of other Democrat presidents when we needed to raise the debt ceiling.  It does not authorize that.  Now, the left-wing activists believe it does.  They read the Constitution and they don't see the 2nd Amendment in it.  The Constitution says whatever they want it to say.  They'll leave a sentence out, skip a paragraph to have it say what they want 'em to say.  I think that what you heard from the female press aide, it's just a threat.  Now, I don't doubt Obama wants to.  Obama would love to be able to just, by dictate, do anything that he wants to do.

CALLER:  Absolutely.

RUSH:  But the 14th Amendment does not, we've been through it.  I don't have the legalese in front of me, and I'm not going to have time to go get it today but it's on our website.  In fact, I'll tell you what I'm going to do, I'm going to have Koko repost that whole segment that we did at complete with monologue, links to all the places we cited so you can see for yourself, read it for yourself and rest assured that the authority does not exist.

CALLER:  Well, I listen to you every day, Rush.  You're doing the Lord's work, and I think of that song that that operatic star sang for you thank God Rush Limbaugh is on.  I say that every morning first thing when I get up in the morning.  You're always in my thoughts and prayers.  Keep up the good work, Rush.

RUSH:  That was the Rush Hawkins singers. 

CALLER: Oh, that was great.

RUSH:  Thank the Lord Rush Limbaugh is on.

CALLER:  You need to play that once in a while.

RUSH:  Yeah, we should.  I should go back to the archives.  The Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites.  And there was also Barbara Chenault Law who did her take on Puccini's O Mio Babbino Caro, we love to hear Rush Limbaugh.  We've got both of those.  And I think you probably have heard both.  No doubt about it.  I appreciate the call, Pam.
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