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Irate Callers Say Your Host Doesn't Criticize the Republicans Enough!
July 28, 2011


RUSH: John in Pinehurst, North Carolina, welcome, good to have you with us.

CALLER:  Thank you.  You're very kind.  I want to get to a point. It's very important to me and hopefully to your listeners. The last two times I've called you've been pretty hard on me. You've come down on me pretty hard and I've gotten under your skin for some of the things I've said. I was a Republican for 20 years. I left the Army in '89, listened to you, was given an education by you.  You were a mentor to people like me.

RUSH:  Uh oh.

CALLER:  Here's what it comes down to, and I need to give you a quick example and you'll understand it like your baseline budgeting example yesterday.  You have a lot of money.  Good for you.  I am damn proud of you for amassing the amount of money you've made over your career from where you began.  I began in the same circumstance, in trouble a lot as a youth, pulled myself out of it and have a decent life today.  But I don't have your money.  What I see is the Republican Party is a much bigger problem today for me and for tens of millions of people like me, working people, regular working stiffs in this country today, because of the betrayal of the Republican Party, the about-face attitude these people took in 2004 and 6, which is why they were voted out in 8 and 10, yet today you still support these people.  See, Congress can take, Rush 75 percent of your money and you're still going to live well.  But what about people like me and where taxes are going and cost of living and gas and food and inflation?  The Republican Party did something to this country six and eight years ago that the Democrats never did.  The Democrats always spend money.  We know that devil very well.  But with people like McCain and Boehner and Graham and this old guard we will never move forward.  But every day you champion the cause for the Republican Party.  Not the conservative movement --

RUSH:  What are you talking about?  Have you been listening today? 

CALLER:  Every single day I have listened.  Every single day.

RUSH:  I am beating these people over the head.  They are calling this program to try to get my mind right. 

CALLER:  You beat Obama every day, but you only bloody the lip of the Republican Party.

RUSH:  Do you think what I am doing today is supporting what Boehner's bill is? 

CALLER:  No, you've called a spade a spade today.  I can understand that. 

RUSH:  What about for the last two years? 

CALLER:  I'll say this, Rush, yes, you do bloody their lip, but we don't need the Republican Party for what they are today, Rush.  We need people that are new and fresh.  Look at this old guard that you go after every day, and thank God you do.  McCain's as worthless as an old shoe.  An old shoe with holes in it.  Boehner is no better.  McConnell is just the old guard as well.  And, by the way, Boehner and McConnell spent money like Democrats, but they're still in the Congress.  They're still in the House, in the Senate, they're in leadership positions.  What do they do for people like me, Rush? 

RUSH:  I don't understand where you think I am.

CALLER:  That's a hard question to answer, Rush.

RUSH:  You think that I am championing the ruling class cause?  You think I am championing the establishment Republican cause? 

CALLER:  No, but we need a new Republican cause and maybe that's what I'm trying to channel you toward.

RUSH:  What do you think I am supporting?  I'm a Tea Party person.

CALLER:  Thank God for that.

RUSH:  Geez! (laughing) And, by the way, you may sit there and think that after they finish I'm still going to have enough.  That's not how it works.  That's not how the mind works.  I'm telling you, if I thought that, if that's the way my mind worked, "Well, whatever they do I'm still going to have a lot left," I would have resigned or retired.  For crying out loud, what is being done to this country is breaking my heart for the exact reasons you describe.  These people are destroying the opportunity to create wealth.  It bugs the hell out of me what is happening to the country by the Washington ruling class.  We're all being played for saps.  I said so yesterday.  Holy smokes.

RUSH: Dan in Minneapolis.  Hello and welcome to the EIB Network.  Hi.

CALLER:  Yeah, I'm going to try to make this quick because my battery is dying.  I just wanted to say that I am sick and tired and I'm actually surprised that you, Rush, out of all the people do not recognize that at the end of the day if we keep following the same trait, basically the difference is the Democrats are going to take us down the wrong path much quicker than the Republicans.  And at the end of the day, unless we literally vote in Bachmanns, Mark Rubios and Palins into the office this is all going to collapse.  And I'm sick and tired for waiting for anything to change.  The last time I bit my tongue and I voted for McCain.  This time I'm not voting.  I don't care who is running unless Boehner changes this plan.  If this gets through, I am done.  It's third party time, I don't care if friggin' Obama is going to win again.  These people, Including Paul Ryan, I can't believe he changed to Boehner's plan.  These people are losers --

RUSH:  I was surprised at that too. (crosstalk)

CALLER:  -- for their voters, and Republicans promise but they never do.  So can you please explain this to me?  I'm sorry, I'm very angry, but I'm just done with this.

RUSH:  What do you want me to explain to you? 

CALLER:  Basically I agree with the previous caller, not this previous caller, but a couple of callers before who basically questioned -- I've listened to the way you interview Boehner, and your whole tone changes.  And my point is either press that person or that guy needs to get out of there.  My point is this Rush Limbaugh, nothing is going to change.  We're going to talk about this every day on your program.  Same thing, same story. But you told us Reagan got fooled, you told us Nixon got fooled, everyone got fooled and nothing changes.

RUSH:  It's all my fault.  It's all my fault.

CALLER:  It's not your fault.  The people who we vote for, they promise one thing and they never deliver.

RUSH:  I know exactly what's going on here.  You are part of a third-party crowd and so was the other guy.  It's bubbling up out there, this third party business.  I guarantee you, folks, don't doubt me on this.  I know what this is.  And the real anger at me is that I have steadfastly opposed the third party.  I'm not hard enough on Boehner or what have you. 
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