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Economic Terrorism: President Lies About Social Security Checks
July 12, 2011


RUSH: CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley talking with Obama.  They're gonna air it tonight.  Scott Pelley said, "Can you tell the folks at home that no matter what happens, Social Security checks are gonna go out on August 3rd?" Remember, Mr. President, Ramadan is August 1st.  There are about $20 billion worth of Social Security checks that have to go out the day after the government is supposed to go into default.

OBAMA:  Well, this is not just a matter of Social Security checks.  These are veterans checks; these are folks on disability and their checks.  There are about 70 million checks that go out.

PELLEY:  Can you guarantee as president those checks will go out on August the 3rd?

OBAMA:  I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue, because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.

RUSH:  That's an out-and-out lie and if I didn't know better I would say the White House gave Scott Pelley a script.  If I didn't know better, I would say Scott Pelley, new to the job, shows up and they handed him the script for this interview.  That question is such a softball setup:  "Can you guarantee, as president, those checks will go out?"  "I can't guarantee those checks will go out."  They will go out.  Social Security is not part of this debt limit talk.  It's not.  There's not enough time, folks, to change the code in the Social Security computer system to have the checks not go out.  The most frightening part of the answer, we don't have this on the sound bite, but the whole answer is the president says the government sends out about 70 million checks.  Seventy million checks, can you imagine having to reconcile that every month?  I guarantee you they're not using Quicken, which, by the way, is not being upgraded for Mac OS X Lion.  Sorry for being distracted. 

This is an outrage here, because this is not true, and my God, it is the playbook.  Hold senior citizens and military people hostages here.  It's not just the Social Security checks; it's veterans checks.  It's right out of the playbook.  I've been hearing this for 45 years, ever since I was 15.  So after this it was time for Mr. Claire Shipman to hold the press briefing at the White House, and the AP correspondent, Ben Feller, said, "I'd like to get your reaction to something the speaker said today, which he said the debt limit increase is the president's problem and that President Obama has to put forward a plan that Congress can pass.  What's your reaction to that?"

CARNEY:  The president doesn't have a vote in this.  It's Congress that has to act.  The president didn't stand up here yesterday and say, hey, show you a lot of charts and graphs about how previous Congresses under a Republican president accumulated enormous amounts of deficits and debt and that this is what they needed to vote to deal with and it wasn't his problem.  He didn't say that because he doesn't believe that.  He believes it's his responsibility as the president of the United States to lead, to work with Congress, to resolve these issues together for the American people.

RUSH:  If he doesn't have a vote, why are we even meeting with him?  Would somebody explain what Carney means here.  I'll tell you what the president's vote is, is his signature.  He does have a vote!  What is this?  So here we have the lie about Social Security and military checks not going out two days after Ramadan.  Now we've got Jay Carney saying the president doesn't have a vote.  Well, the obvious reaction is, why is anybody talking to him, then?  Why does what he think matters?  Why are they going up to the White House to talk about this?  He can veto any debt limit bill he wants or he can vote for it.  He's gotta sign any new debt limit law that they pass.  He's got to sign it, and he's been threatening to veto anything without tax increases.  That's his vote.  My God, these people are insulting us like never before. 

RUSH: You know, back in February we were talking about another government shutdown (you may have forgotten it, folks, but we were) and on Tuesday, February 15th, Obama said in a press conference: If there's a government shutdown, people don't get their Social Security checks, and the military doesn't get its checks. They use this during every crisis of this kind. Here's Obama: "I think people should be careful about being too loose in terms of talking about a government shutdown because this is not an abstraction. People don't get their Social Security checks. They don't get their veterans payments," and he said it again today, in an interview with Scott Pelley. This is how this plan unfolds every time. There's nothing new in the way the Democrats conduct economic terrorism, holding a gun to the heads of seasoned citizens and our brave military veterans.


RUSH: Odessa, Florida, and Tom, great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Thanks, Rush.  How you doing?

RUSH:  Great.

CALLER:  Yeah, this is a busy banking executive from Odessa, Florida, calling to say hi to Doug down in Sarasota.  I know he's listening.  I think what really needs to happen for the Republicans here is, as Obama threatens to cut off the Social Security checks for the old people, the Republicans should list the expenses that are being paid at the detriment of our seniors to show how this is really just a political ploy on his part.

RUSH:  Wait, wait.  What do you mean list the expenses that are being paid to the detriment of our seniors?

CALLER:  Yeah.  He says he's not gonna pay the seniors' Social Security checks, but what about all those payments that are gonna be made?  Let's have the Republicans list what they're gonna be.

RUSH:  Oh, I get you.  Okay, yeah.  It's the same thing.  At the local level, budget cuts in your town, "We gotta get rid of the cops and the firemen and the teachers," and people go, "Oh, no, oh, no, you can't do that."  Same trick here.  So what you're suggesting is Republicans put a list out of all the other people Obama is gonna send checks to.

CALLER:  Because you know it's gonna be all his buddies and his cronies, and all the people that are padding his skids anyway, so --

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  -- show what a snake this guy really is.

The Agenda Project: America The Beautiful

RUSH:  His union buddies are gonna get their money, and ACORN will get their money.  That's a great idea.  That's a fabulous idea.  So you're a busy investment banker?
CALLER:  No, no, I'm a commercial banker.  I'm not an investment bank banker.  That's oil and water.  We don't like those investment bankers very much.  They don't work hard enough and --

RUSH:  But you're still busy, you said?

CALLER:  Very, very busy.

RUSH:  That's good.  What, are you denying people loans?

CALLER:  Well, that's what I'm in the business to do.

RUSH:  (laughing.)

CALLER:  Which don't you understand, the N or the O?

RUSH:  (laughing)  Thanks very much, I appreciate it. Tom in Odessa, Florida, who's in business to say "no" to people who want to borrow money.  That is a great idea.  If you're just joining us, Obama did an interview with Scott Pelley, who's the new anchor of the CBS Evening News, and I don't mean to insult Scott Pelley here.  If I didn't know better, I would say that the White House handed Scott Pelley the questions.  They handed him a transcript of this interview in advance and he dutifully followed it.  "Can you guarantee, Mr. President, that if there's a shutdown, can you personally guarantee that Social Security checks will go out for seniors?"  "I can't, Scott, I'm glad you asked me that.  I can't guarantee, and not just the old people, Scott, it's veterans, too.  I can't guarantee it.  Those checks probably won't go out." 

"Can you guarantee, Mr. President, can you personally guarantee checks will go out?"  No.  He's got a gun to the heads of seasoned citizens.  Economic terrorism.  And Scott Pelley couldn't challenge Obama about his claims at all?  Couldn't challenge him?  Is he really that uninformed?  We only had the excerpt.  We don't know if he challenged him or not.  What are the odds?  But we haven't seen the excerpts so we don't know.  Now, I ask you a question.  Is Obama acting like the grownup in the room when he tries to scare senior citizens about their Social Security checks, is that being responsible?  He's been talking about how we need to be responsible and no ultimatums, and we need to stop all this childishness.  Is that even being civil to say that you can't guarantee that Social Security checks will go out?  Okay, if he can't guarantee it, it's time for a commercial.  Barack Obama pushing a woman in a wheelchair over the cliff.

He wasn't asked about the welfare checks.  I'm sure they'll go out.  I'm sure the welfare checks will go out.  Yeah.  That's the guy's point, put out a list of all the people that will get their checks.  Medicare.  Will old people get their Medicare?  Will old people get their health care, or is that gonna stop, too?  Will the poor get their Medicaid?  Will the poor get their health care?  That's what we need, folks, Obama pushing a grandmother in a wheelchair over the cliff.  Just run that Ryan commercial right back at 'em.
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