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Pat Caddell: I've Seen This Before
« on: July 12, 2011, 06:35:35 PM »
Pat Caddell: I've Seen This Before
July 12, 2011


RUSH: Pat Caddell.  You've seen Pat Caddell on television. He used to be on MSNBC, now he's on Fox.  He's a former pollster for Jimmy Carter.  If you've never known that, Caddell really came to everybody's attention as one of the ranking members of the Jimmy Carter entourage.  He was on Cavuto yesterday afternoon on the Fox News Channel. They had a guest host, Chris Cotter, and talking about Obama and the debt negotiations Caddell volunteered this.

CADDELL:  There's an elephant in the room and it's time to say it.  There is a whiff of this guy now, I saw it Friday, in which the question -- I lived through this with President Carter -- in which you start asking, "Does this guy have any idea what he's doing?"

RUSH:  We said from the get-go this is the second term of Jimmy Carter.  When the Bamster was immaculated we predicted, "Okay, here we go.  We've got Jimmy Carter's second term."  Here's Caddell, "Does this guy know what he's doing?"

RUSH: One more Pat Caddell going back to audio sound bite number five.  After Caddell said, "The big elephant in the room here is we've seen this before, does this guy have any idea what he's doing?  It's like I'm watching Jimmy Carter."  So Chris Cotter, the host, said, "Well, both sides are firmly entrenched, whether they voted Republican or Democrat, didn't the American people vote for those they thought could build consensus?"  What the hell kind of kind of question is that?

CADDELL:  They think they're the only option for America?  The frustration that's going on in this country, a sense that the mainstream of this country has against both parties in Washington and their failure?  They are opening the door to another answer.  And I just want to tell people, if you think in 1992 conditions produced a Ross Perot who at one time was leading the race, in fact, would have won if he hadn't announced he was insane during the campaign, the conditions, they are much, much worse.  And somebody who can draw from both parties, these political parties are gonna get threatened.

RUSH:  Here's that third party talk again which I don't like.  Did Perot announce he was insane?  Mike, grab our parody during the break, They're Coming to Take Me Away.  I don't think Perot announced he was insane.  Yeah, I don't think he actually announced it.  Caddell mighta heard something that confused him about that. 


RUSH: Pat Caddell says we've been there, done that -- Jimmy Carter -- and we have. It is really stunning to go back and relive history and see how almost precisely it repeats itself. Two sound bites. This is Obama yesterday telling us that we have gotta shape up and "eat our peas."

OBAMA: It's not gonna get easier, it's gonna get harder. So we might as well do it now. Uh, pull off the Band-Aid. Eat our peas.

RUSH: April 18th, 1977, at the White House, Jimmy Carter addressing the nation about his proposed energy policy...

CARTER: Tonight I want to have an unpleasant talk with you about a problem unprecedented in our history. I'm sure that each of you will find something you don't like about the specifics of our proposal. It will demand that we make sacrifices and changes in every life. To some degree, the sacrifices will be painful. But so is any meaningful sacrifice. It will lead to some higher costs and to some greater inconvenience for everyone.

RUSH: That's what Democrats offer: Sacrifice. We've heard all of this before. It's called liberalism, ladies and gentlemen. Socialism, totalitarianism. Pat Caddell wrote that speech for Carter, more than likely. More than likely, Pat Caddell wrote it or at least approved it before Carter gave it. Pat Caddell has since seen the light. We can't ever forget this. I still think that Boehner ought to take this sound bite, put it on his iPod, take it up there, and play it for Obama every day they meet on the debt ceiling. This is from last December, Obama talking about why we can't raise taxes.

OBAMA DECEMBER 2010: The American people didn't send us here to wage symbolic battles or win symbolic victories. They would much rather have the comfort of knowing that when they open their first paycheck on January of 2011, it won't be smaller than it was before, all because Washington decided they preferred to have a fight and failed to act. Make no mistake: Allowing taxes to go up on all Americans would have raised taxes by $3,000 for a typical American family, and that could cost our economy well over a million jobs.

RUSH: Now, one other thing about this: These are the Bush tax rates that he's talking about making sure that we did not raise them, or actually get rid of them. Now, we were told for years and years and years the Bush tax cuts were only for the rich, right? Look at this. Obama says: "Make no mistake: Allowing taxes to go up on all Americans would have raised taxes by $3,000 for a typical American family." Last December, and it's worse now than it was then, Obama admits the Bush tax cuts affected everybody not just the rich. What's changed, ladies and gentlemen? I ask you: What has changed, other than things have gotten worse? What has changed? Why now is raising taxes an average of $3,000 for a typical family, why is that a must?


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