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Media Attempts to Psych-Out GOP, As Bam Aims for Collapse, Default
July 12, 2011


RUSH:  You can see what's happening here now, the latest round of debt negotiations at the White House is scheduled for 3:45.  Obama does not offer anything specific in public, just says come on back up here boys and be the obstructionists that you are.  The Republicans need to stop going.  You can see what the plan is here.  You can see what's happening as the attempt to get these guys to cave is well underway.

Hi, how are you, Rush Limbaugh, you know that, EIB Network, you know that, telephone number, you know that, 800-282-2882. 

There's already a story out there that now there's infighting on the Republican side, Cantor and Boehner not getting along.  That's all part of the plan, and it won't be long, ladies and gentlemen, you know how we've often told you that Supreme Court decisions, when they're really key, the Washington Post Style section will go out and do a big puff piece on one of the justices, usually Anthony Kennedy or somebody on the left to make sure they do the right thing.  Don't be surprised if down the road there isn't a puff piece on some Republican in the House or the Senate who opposes Boehner, and the point is that Boehner's supposed to read that and say, "Gee, I wish I could get coverage like that.  Gee, I wish they liked me like that.  Gee, I'm doing the heavy lifting, and they're not rewarding me.  All I'm getting is grief."  That's what's underway here. 

In the meantime, do any of you have any idea what Obama's specific proposal is?  No, no, I said specific.  I don't want to hear shared sacrifice, and I don't want to hear balanced approach.  I want to know, does anybody know what Obama has proposed?  Has Obama announced that he'll accept X-number in cuts?  Is there any specific from Obama or anybody in the White House?  There is not, is there?  The Republicans are offering specifics, "That doesn't work. Oh, no, we gotta have shared sacrifice. Oh, no, we need a balanced approach."  I think if I'm Boehner, I say, "We're not coming up here anymore until you go public with what your specifics are, 'til the American people public knows what you want because I'm sick and tired of coming up here and being your whipping boy.  And by the way, Mr. President, I'm not gonna be your lifeline to reelection," 'cause like I said yesterday, when they get in this room, Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm, looks at Boehner and he says, "My lifeline.  I get this guy to cave, I get reelected."  And that's all this is about. 

You know, I'm gonna ask it again, why have a debt limit if it doesn't matter?  Every time we approach one we get this damn crisis we gotta raise it.  Why have one in the first place?  Why have a debt limit?  Why not just get rid of it?  Why not just say, "You know what, we never stay within the limit.  There is no limit.  We're just gonna get rid of it." This number's arbitrary.  This number's BS.  The new debt limit that they're talking about will get us through another 13 months, then we'll be back here again in the middle of the presidential campaign.  I look at this headline from the Hill:  "Debt-ceiling Talks Hit Brick Wall as President Obama, GOP Trade Jabs."  Isn't that what a debt ceiling is supposed to be?  It's supposed to be a brick wall.  That's what the debt limit is.  We're not going to exceed this.  If it isn't, why even bother to have one?  Why go through all of this?  We go through all of this to eventually embarrass and defeat the Republicans.  That's why we go through all of this. 

Now, Boehner's done great so far.  The Republicans have done great, but you can see what the plan is here.  When I saw that story, Cantor and Boehner infighting, disagreeing, you just know what's coming next.  The only specific is getting rid of the corporate jet deduction, but we don't have any specifics from Obama.  Nobody knows. He gets to sit up there after running up all this debt, after breaking the bank, after destroying the US economy, he gets to sit up there like he had nothing to do with any of this and gets to play the adult while the kids who broke it come in here and have to fix it with his approval.  And, frankly, my friends, since he's the least experienced guy in any room he walks into, and thus the most incompetent guy in any room he walks into, I don't like this setup.  Bugs me.

Remember, now, as we go through all this, the Democrat Party is the party of John Kerry and Charlie Rangel.  That's the party lecturing us on the importance of shared sacrifice, of everybody paying their fair share in taxes.  John Kerry buys a sailboat yacht, parks it in Rhode Island where he doesn't have to pay any taxes on it, until he gets caught, then he mumbles about, (imitating Kerry) "No, I always intended to pay taxes until I got (muttering) stupid (muttering)," and Rangel (imitating Rangel) "Doesn't pay taxes for years because I don't have to," gets caught, doesn't matter.  This is the party, and I could come up with probably other Democrat examples not paying their fair share.  Oh, yeah, the Treasury secretary, Little Timmy the tax cheat.  And now the Treasury secretary is demanding a deal by Thursday, demanding, Little Timmy, Little Timmy's Charlie Brown.  Ought to be Charlie Brown, Boehner's Lucy.  Little Timmy demanding a deal.  I didn't know Treasury secretaries could do that.

RUSH: Obama's plan boils down to one thing. It's what the Democrat plan always is: Make the Republicans raise taxes.

By the way, do you know that there's a blogger -- I think it's a blogger; yeah, here it is: -- by somebody named Morgen, M-o-r-g-e-n. "If a Tax Increase is Key to Any Deal, Why Didn't Democrats Raise Taxes Any of the Last Six Times they Raised the Debt Limit? If a tax increase is deal to any deal, why didn't the Democrats raise taxes any of the last six times they raised the debt limit?" Did you know that? Did you know that the last six times we raised the debt limit we did not raise taxes and the Democrats didn't demand it. So even here we're in uncharted territory. Now, when I got in today and started working on prepping the program (well, continued to prep from last night) I see trashed all over the media, "Talks break down!"

Talks break down? Folks, these talks have never started. Obama never got these talks started. There are no talks. It's the Republicans offering specifics and Obama saying no and then going out and calling a press conference (a media appearance) to act like the adult. As usual, Obama waiting 'til the last minute. He's made absurd demands that would play to his crazed, deranged base but would irresponsibly damage the economy and destroy businesses and jobs. That's what he's done! That's what has happened up 'til now. That's what he wants more of, and he positions himself politically every day. What talks? This is a mirage. It's a head fake, a joke! There are no talks. There are meetings. They get together, nothing happens.

It's all part of the grand scheme. Look, let me put something in perspective here for you. I have said that Obama wants to destroy this economy. When I said, "I hope he fails," now you know what I meant. He has succeeded in destroying the economy. He has successfully implemented a boatload of liberalism and socialism on our country -- and I didn't want that to happen, so I said, "I hope he fails." Remember, I told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, in addition to telling you from behind this Golden EIB Microphone (tap, tap), that I thought he wanted to destroy the economy; that I thought this was purposeful. Now, he has said he wants to "change" it. He doesn't, of course, say he wants to destroy it. He just says he wants to change it.

Okay, so, I've said he wants to destroy it; he said he wants to change it. If there is a collapse or a default, it's something that he wants and has planned. "Wow, Rush, that's a really tough thing to say." Well, look, folks, he has the ability to prevent what he's predicting. That's another quite obvious reality underneath the surface. He has the ability to prevent what he's predicting: Collapse, default. His demands that sensible, rational elected officials join destroying jobs and businesses by increasing taxes on wealthy creation in the middle of a recession? That's irrational. As a substantive manner, that is irrational -- and that's what he's demanding the Republicans do: Join him in destroying jobs and businesses. So, yeah, I stand by it. He wants to.

And if -- if -- the Republicans go along at some point, they're contributing to the destruction of our economy. But I think Obama is betting if they don't go along, he can crash the system anyway and blame it on them. He knows he can get the media to blame them. He knows he can get Debbie "Blabbermouth" Schultz and the people over the DNC to join him. He knows his deranged base will blame the Republicans. He's figuring that if they don't go along and help him destroy it, he'll do it anyway and then blame it on them. 'Cause he knows, and we know, that the Republicans will be attacked by the media and they'll have a difficult time dealing with it; particularly if at the same time the media, as I mentioned, is doing a puff piece or two on some Republicans who agree with Obama.

Let me put it this way: A puff piece on a couple Republicans who disagree with Boehner. Let's leave it at that. Maybe they don't have to go out and go so far as to agree with Obama but, "A couple of courageous Republicans in the House and the Senate" will be found by the Washington Post and the boys at Politico and bunch of puff pieces on these people who disagree with Boehner; thereby illustrating how, if you're a Republican, you get fawning press coverage. You simply trash your own party and its leaders. That's what we face here. That's where we are. I mean it. I'd stop going up there. What's the point? There aren't any specifics from Obama. "But, Rush! But, Rush! If they do that they're gonna look like obstructionists!"
They already do, don't they? Isn't that what the media is trying to do? They're already making them out to be obstructionists. There's nothing new on that. They always are. These guys talking about, "Of course we gotta raise the debt limit. Of course there's gotta be sacrifice," blah, blah, blah, blah. These are magic political words image-wise. You know, Obama said that he was gonna create 200,000 jobs a month. My question is, "Mr. Obama, why did you stop? We're at only 18,000 a month; you said 200,000. Why did you stop creating jobs?" Yep, using the GOP as extras, using the GOP leaders as extras. Listen to this. This sorta illustrates what I'm talking about. We have a montage here from the State-Controlled Media illustrating my point that Obama is outsmarting the Republicans and triangulating, and these never ending reports on television -- Republicans, they watch TV and they're supposed to see this -- it's supposed to demoralize them.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: The president went before the cameras this morning using his home-field advantage at the White House to push his side of the argument.

F. CHUCK TODD: The president is winning the process fight.

LARRY O'DONNELL: Seems the president is winning that basic argument.

MAJOR GARRETT: Preparing the Obama message for 2012, and Republicans can see privately he's doing a much better job of it.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: The president clearly is willing to triangulate.

CONNELL McSHANE: That's, kind of, triangulation.

EAMON JAVERS: We're seeing a rerun of Bill Clinton in the 1990s all over again: triangulation.

LUKE RUSSERT: This was full-on triangulation.

KAREN FINNEY: It may be, in the end, that Obama ends up being the smartest guy after all.

RUSH: See? It's exactly what's shaping up here -- and, meanwhile, it's Obama who's losing his shirt. It's Obama who's in a state of panic. The Republicans don't have to do anything, pure and simple. I hope they know that. This morning on CNN's American Morning, Kiran Chetry, cohost, spoke with James Carville about the debt negotiations. She said, "The President's in a tough position now. How does he sort of find a way to reconcile this with the countdown ticking?"

CARVILLE: (heavy Cajun accent) I think a lot of Republicans want to shut the government down. The -- a majority of American people want a government shutdown and a big majority of the Republican Congress. You listen to Rush Limbaugh. A lot of the titans of the Republican Party, they said, "It doesn't matter if you shut the government down." My own feeling is we're probably gonna get one. My guess is... is -- I hope I'm wrong. Put it this way: I hope that the experts are wrong, because they say a shutdown would be a disastrous thing, but I -- I think they're gonna go ahead and shut it down. I really do.

RUSH: There isn't gonna be a shutdown. You're gonna have plenty of gumbo. There isn't going to be a shutdown. A "default" is not a "shutdown," and there's not gonna be a default.


RUSH:  Hey, this is also good, folks, and I apologize, I did not know that Boehner had said this today.  This is this morning in Washington, Boehner held a press conference and had this to say about the debt negotiations.

BOEHNER:  The fact is that House Republicans have a plan.  We passed our budget back in the spring and outlined our priorities.  Where's the president's plan?  When's he gonna lay his cards on the table?  This debt limit increase is his problem and I think it's time for him to lead by putting his plan on the table, something that the Congress can pass.

RUSH:  Well!  Well!  Okay, now, you lay the marker down, better be in concrete.  It's like McConnell saying on the floor of the Senate, no real solution possible with Obama in the White House, echoing what I said yesterday.  Now, here's what the Democrats have -- despite all this BS in the media about Obama winning with triangulation, this is all BS.  Everything in the media about Obama in the lead and winning this is as BS as anything in the media ever has been.  And don't doubt me and don't be swayed by it and don't go getting all depressed and call me about it 'cause it's just a bunch of spin, directly from the White House.  Here's Chuck-U Schumer on the Senate floor from this morning.

SCHUMER:  A budget agreement cannot be considered bold or comprehensive unless it asks millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy corporations to contribute to deficit reduction.  They don't have to do the whole thing, but they've gotta do their share.

RUSH:  Oh ho, they've gotta do their share.  We've destroyed practically everybody except the people that have money, now we're gonna go tax them.  The millionaires and billionaires.  Remember, now, these people start at $250,000 a year.  That's where millionaires and billionaires start in Chuck-U Schumer's world, in Obama's world.

RUSH: Curt in the Bay Area of California, hi. Great to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER: Thank you so much, Rush. You know, I know that you love football and I've been a football coach for 25 years, and I've got a really key point. I look at Barack Obama and he's been calling the offensive plays for his game plan, for about two and a half years now.

RUSH: Yeah!

CALLER: And his team is getting blown out. So now his answer is to demand that the Republicans and about two-thirds of the American people agree to change their defense and adjust the rules in order to let his team move the football downfield and score. That's how I look at it, Rush.

RUSH: What defense does he want us to use?

CALLER: Well, Obama wants the defense to be changed to anything he believes will allow his team to score, and that is raise taxes and increase the debt ceiling.

RUSH: Right. The prevent defense: It prevents victory.

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH: He just wants us to keep giving up yards and giving up yards. He doesn't care if he really scores until later in the game. That's an excellent analogy. We're creaming him so he wants us to willingly weaken our defense. There's no question, and it's so widely known. We had Marco Rubio on earlier today who said, yeah, but they may not get away with it this time because it is now so widely known -- the strategery that they employ, the economic terrorism, scaring senior citizens. You know, that Social Security thing really has not worked in elections for a few cycles now, folks.


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