Author Topic: Obama's Only Hope of Reelection is Forcing John Boehner to Cave  (Read 599 times)

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Obama's Only Hope of Reelection is Forcing John Boehner to Cave
July 11, 2011


RUSH: John Boehner is Obama's lifeline to reelection.  That's all Boehner is to Obama, nothing else.  He not a golf buddy.  He's nothing other than that.  If he can get Boehner to ultimately cave, Obama's reelected.  That's what he knows. 

Sorry, folks, it's the only way to look at this.  When they go in that meeting room and Obama sees Boehner, he sees 2002.  He sees, "If I can force this guy to cave, I don't care what the House vote is.  I don't care if I lose the vote.  If I can get this guy to cave and put my tax increase for a vote, even if it loses, I win.  And I get reelected."  That's what Obama thinks, because if Boehner caves, it's bye-bye GOP.  That's the thing that everybody must understand.  If Boehner caves, it's bye-bye GOP and nothing to do with the policy changes that might happen.  If Boehner caves and takes a tax increase, folks, to the House and it loses, Obama still wins because the Republican base is so ticked off at that.  Hello Tea Party, you know the drill. 

That's all Obama is trying to do is to wear Boehner down between now and Ramadan so that Boehner eventually caves, Ramadan being August 1st, and they say we go into default on August 2nd.  You be the judge.


RUSH:  James Pethokoukis, our buddy at Reuters, columnist, he said that what Boehner did on Saturday and Sunday was like Reagan at Reykjavik.  He said it was like Reagan at Reykjavik, Boehner passes on a bad deal.  Now, for those of you who are new to the program, were not paying attention or weren't alive or old enough in the eighties, Ronaldus Magnus and Mikhail Gorbachev, he of the expanding birthmark on the forehead, and for those of you that weren't alive, weren't paying attention, that birthmark on Gorbachev's forehead, it typified Soviet expansionism.  That thing grew as the Soviet Union grew.  That birthmark got bigger and bigger and then it started to shrink a little bit as the Soviet Union started contracting and getting in trouble.  If you look at that birthmark up close, if you get a picture -- in fact, I met Gorbachev at George H. W. Bush's birthday party.  Gee, I don't even remember when it was but it was a big birthday party.  It was at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

I met Gorbachev and we have picture.  I was wearing almost the same jacket that he was wearing, gray suit.  At any rate, they took the picture down in Houston and when they sent it to me the birthmark had moved to my forehead from Gorbachev's.  It's funny.  We'll put the picture up at  We'll put it up right now.  Koko Junior, go find it.  Anyway, they met at Reykjavik, Iceland, and Gorbachev made a typical Democrat proposition, leftist, whatever.  He proposed to Reagan, "If you do X, then we'll get rid of all nuclear weapons 20 years from now or some such thing."  That's not exactly what it was, but the meat of it was a total destruction of all nuclear arms, and Reagan said, "No, no."  And let me tell you something.  There were people in Reagan's administration who wanted to take the deal, elite Washington wanted to take the deal. It was always the Soviets who were the honest ones.  This is 1987 when this happened, '86 or '87, and even then it was Reagan who was the problem.

Old man, finger on the nuclear button, called 'em the evil empire, and there was pressure on Reagan to take the deal, he didn't do it, and George Schultz, who was the secretary of state at the time, in the press conference Reagan walked out, I mean literally walked out of a little hut that they were meeting in, Gorbachev followed him out, they shook hands, and Reagan stood there shaking his head.  Nope.  He walked out of the negotiations.  They did not officially end.  He got up and walked out after saying no.  Of course the era of Reagan is over, they want to tell us.  And then George Schultz says, "I have never been prouder of my president than today."  George Schultz, the secretary of state at the time, said this.  And that's why James Pethokoukis at Reuters is saying that Boehner had his Reykjavik moment in saying "no" to Obama over the weekend.


RUSH: The Russians wanted Reagan to get rid of SDI.  That's what Reykjavik was about.  Gorbachev shows up, "If you'll get rid of the Strategic Defense Initiative," Star Wars, which we of course we hadn't deployed. At that point in time Reagan had simply said we'll do it, and that's what broke the Soviet Union, by the way.  They were a Third World nation with a first world army is all they were, and they were economically Greece and Portugal and all these other places.  They were just bankrupt, folks. There were lines a mile long for bread in the Soviet Union.  You could get vodka any time you wanted it, but that was about it, and everybody did.

So Gorbachev shows up at Reykjavik and says, "Look, if you guys get rid of SDI --" Reagan had proposed banning all ballistic missiles but he wanted to continue research on SDI.  And he was willing to share it, by the way, with the world, a missile shield that would shoot down any nuke that was launched from anywhere.  And Gorbachev said, "Nope, nope, we'll only go along with you getting rid of all the nukes if you give up this SDI business," and Reagan said no.  And, of course, why give up SDI?  It was a purely defensive mechanism.  It wasn't offensive at all, and Gorbachev was trying to pull a trick, typical liberal Democrat trick.  "I'll give you what you want if you get rid of this."  And then, "Oh, by the way, we won't get rid of our nukes," that would have been the result, the  Soviets would have not gotten rid of their nukes. We would have promised to do away with SDI.  Reagan knew it, said, "Nope, nope, not happening."  He had experience dealing with liberal Democrats in the TEFRA tax war in 1982.  He saw Gorbachev as another one of them, except he had the big capital C in front of his name as well, commie pinko.  That's what it was.


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