Author Topic: Obama's Recovery: McDonald's to Fill 50,000 Hamburger-Flipper Jobs  (Read 471 times)

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Obama's Recovery: McDonald's to Fill 50,000 Hamburger-Flipper Jobs
April 4, 2011


RUSH: McDonald's is having something they're calling national hiring day.  "McDonald’s will hold its first national hiring day at its restaurants and via its website on April 19 to fill the openings at its restaurants across the U.S."  They want to fill 50,000 jobs on that day.  Now, that's cool.  That's fine.  No problems here at the EIB Network.  But do you remember, let's go back to the 1980s, or any recovery, any economic recovery presided over by a Republican president.  I'm sure you'll all remember the left and the Democrat Party deriding so many of the new jobs being created as worthless hamburger-flipper jobs, remember?  Even during the eighties, during Reagan, during Bush, whenever there was an economic recovery, the Democrats, "Yeah, but they're worthless hamburger-flipper jobs."  Now celebration, McDonald's wants to hire 50,000 people, fill 50,000 jobs on April 19th.

The media is ecstatic.  The Democrat Party is talking about what a great impetus for economic recovery Obama is.  And nothing here deriding the kinds of jobs.  Nothing here about them being hamburger-flipper jobs.  It's just interesting.  Remember, folks, we have the facts on our side.  The Democrats, however, own the narrative.  Our never-ending battle is always going to be with the media.  


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Re: Obama's Recovery: McDonald's to Fill 50,000 Hamburger-Flipper Jobs
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In the meantime, Toyota is going to have to furlough 25,000 well-paying jobs.
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