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Chuck Schumer Wants Extremism? Maybe We Should Give Him Some
« on: March 30, 2011, 11:24:40 PM »
Chuck Schumer Wants Extremism? Maybe We Should Give Him Some
March 30, 2011


RUSH: We got budget battles.  We've got the audio sound bites of Chuck Schumer advising everybody to call the Tea Party people extremists.  Frankly, folks, I want some extremists when it comes to budget cutting.  I'm sick of $5 billion a week here, $10 billion a week there. Let's get some extremists dealing with this budget.  It's what we need.  There's also another way of looking at this.  How about asking the United Nations and the Arab League to tell Obama we gotta get serious here about cutting our budget.  I mean he listens to them.  He listens to the UN. He listens to the Arab League.  If we were to somehow get those two organizations to call Obama and say, "You really do need to get serious about your domestic budget. You're not gonna be able to do all these wonderful things for the rest of the world if you don't get your house in order in the United States. We really think you ought to cut your budget, get rid of some of these entitlements," because he listens to them.  Maybe Boehner could put one of those headdresses on and pretend to be a member of the Arab League and at the next budget meeting say, "Mr. President…" (laughing) We look at anything that might lead this horse to water, folks.


RUSH: Let me ask you about this "extreme" business.  Maybe we need a little extremism here when it comes to budget-cutting.  This $5 billion here or $6 billion there, when the same day we spend or borrow $72 billion?

Does anybody think that the moderate way we're running around here dealing with this budget impasse is accomplishing anything?  It's not.  "Extremism in the pursuit of liberty is no vice," so sayeth Barry Goldwater.  This notion of "extremist," of course that's, again, from a previous political era.  It's a page in the Democrat Party playbook.  They obviously think that "extremist" is a label that's gonna categorize Republicans as social extremists (racist, sexist, bigots, homophobes), but we are talking about the budget here.  The Tea Party is about spending, and if you want to talk about extreme, what is extreme is the irresponsibility of federal spending.  That's where the extreme is.


RUSH: We're gonna get to Chuck Schumer and the Democrat claim we're all extremists. When you look at John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, do you see extremists?  What are they talking about?  It's the old playbook. They're relying on things that they think have worked in the past, and they are deathly afraid of this Tea Party business.  They just can't wait to take a little fraudulent CNN poll, run to the Senate floor and talk about it.

RUSH: This is Chuck Schumer.  This happened yesterday.  We didn't have the audio for it, of course, before the program ended, but this was yesterday morning on a conference call with reporters.  Before the official start of the call, Senator Schumer was giving instructions to other Democrat senators, and he didn't know that the reporters were listening in -- and this is a little of what he had to say.

SCHUMER:  The Tea Party is pulling Boehner too far over to the right, and so far over that they're not -- there's no more fruitful negotiations.  And the subtext of this is the only way we can avoid a shutdown is for Boehner to come up with a reasonable compromise and not just listen to what the Tea Party wants, because the Tea Party wants to stick to HR-1 with its Draconian, extreme -- I always use the word "extreme;" that's what the caucus instructed me to do the other week. Extreme cuts and all these riders.  Boehner's in a box.

RUSH:  "Boehner's in a box." Tea Party's demanding this, Tea Party's a bunch of extremists.  Again, see, it's us, folks. They're at war with us.  The Tea Party is us.  The Tea Party's you and me.  Now, Schumer may want to focus on Boehner in this case, but it's us.  They're targeting you and me and our economic liberty.  I mean it's gonna cost us more to pay them, even more than many of us earn.  But Senator Schumer wants us to know this. The message of all this was that the Tea Party activists are extremists.  But, see, who are the Tea Party?  Who is the Tea Party?  The Tea Party is made up of taxpayers.  The Tea Party's made up of people who work -- the vaunted "working people." 

The Tea Party's made up of the citizenry of this country.  The Tea Party is comprised of producers, people who make things and make things happened.  The Tea Party is made up of contributors, the providers. The Tea Party is the backbone of the country.  The Tea Party is not asking to live off other people.  The Tea Party is not making demands of the government.  The Tea Party is trying to get the government to live within its means.  The Tea Party is attempting to save the structure of this country so that economic freedom and opportunity continues to exist and increase and climb. 

But now, all of us -- the producers, the citizens, the taxpayers -- we are the extremists. 

See how this works? 

Not the unions, not the ACLU, not the illegal alien support groups, not the MoveOn.orgs or the Daily Kos or the Code Pinks, and none of the true wacko kooks in our culture.  They are not the extremists.  They are the Democrat Party leftist constituency, but we -- "We, the people," we -- are now denounced by the Democrat Party as extremists.  The Democrats, folks -- speaking bluntly and speaking honestly -- have driven this nation to the brink of bankruptcy and instability.  They have leased our country out to the ChiComs through massive debt.  They have destroyed Social Security and Medicare.  They are destroying the value of the US dollar. 

They are destroying the housing market! For God's sakes, they're destroying everything -- and we, we have to hear we are the extremists!  We're trying to save it.  We genuinely love this country, the way it was founded.  We're trying to defend it, preserve it, and save it.  We're the extremists? Fine.  Then we need more of us!  The Democrat Party, Senator Schumer's party, has populated the federal courts with the most radical lawyers in the country.  They have encouraged this massive bureaucracy to rule over us through endless regulations, like this cap and trade from the EPA.  They've caused millions of people to lose their jobs, to lose their businesses, lose their investments -- but we are the extremists! 

Take a look at what has happened since the Democrat Party took the reins of this country in toto starting first in 2007 with Pelosi in the House and then Barack Obama in 2009.  You take a look at what has happened -- and through most of those years there's not one thing that could have been done to stop them in the democratic fashion because we didn't have the votes.  The number of people living in homes is at an all-time low.  Home vacancies, foreclosures, nothing's right.  This is not how it was supposed to be.  The New York Times lead columnist is praying to God nor luck for our dear president. 

We are the extremists?  The greatest danger your kids and grandkids face today is not from bullies.  It's from the Democrat Party.  They are spending so recklessly and so fast, your kids and grandkids are doing all they can and still will bear the brunt of this: The massive printing of paper, the massive debt that we owe ourselves, the massive debt we owe the ChiComs.  Schumer and his party are spending the wealth of the next generation.  The next generation will be working harder and harder and longer and longer to pay for all this.  Yet we are the extremists.  Sorry.  It's the other way around.


RUSH:  It's really amazing.  Obama and Mrs. Clinton are suggesting now that we make it official, that we start arming the rebels in Libya.  They are suggesting that we arm Al-Qaeda -- and yet, ladies and gentlemen, we, you and me, are the extremists.  We are arming Al-Qaeda in Libya!


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