Author Topic: Anti-Beshear ad claims Kentucky boys are changing gender to beat girls in sports  (Read 374 times)

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Great ad.  It has all the libtards up in arms as you might guess!

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear is being slammed by a conservative group in a new ad that claims Kentucky boys are changing their gender to participate in high school sports.

The Campaign for American Principles, an independent political action committee, released the 38-second spot this week targeting Beshear, who is running against Republican Gov. Matt Bevin, for his position on transgender girls participating in school athletics.

"Andy Beshear supports legislation that would destroy girls' sports," the narrator says as a male competitor — portraying a trans girl — passes a group of female runners and finishes first.

The group's spot then uses headlines, including a New York Post opinion column titled, "Trans athletes are making a travesty of women's sports" to further its point.

It ends by challenging Beshear directly.

"He calls it ‘equality.’ Maybe," the narrator says. "But is it fair? Vote against Andy Beshear. He's too extreme for Kentucky."

The lib spin below.

Ad working:

Exclusive – Poll: ‘Transgender’ Men Ads Lead to 8-Point Voter Swing to Republican Matt Bevin from Democrat Andy Beshear

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