Author Topic: Harry Reid Endorses Mitt Romney for 2020 Republican Nominee for President  (Read 180 times)

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11 Jan 2019

Former Senate Leader Harry Reid endorsed Mitt Romney as the next Republican presidential nominee in 2020.

“I think that he would be a great foil against Trump, and I think that Republicans may even allow him to be nominated to be the Republican nominee,” Reid said. “That would be good for the country.”

The former Democratic Senate Leader praised Romney in a recent interview with Nevada radio station KNPR.

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The sad part is Harry won't be alive to see the folly in that prediction and be ridiculed for it.. 
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The sad part is Harry won't be alive to see the folly in that prediction and be ridiculed for it..

Don’t worry about that. His folly is pain as day right now.

I guess he didn’t want to miss any ridicule.

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Mor ons!

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The last time Romney ran for President, he lost, and Reid ended up leading the Senate.

That's the only reason he's making this endorsement. It's good for the Democrats.

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