Author Topic: WATCH: SEN JOHN KENNEDY Explains Why Nancy Pelosi Refuses To Fund Our Border Wall: “Beauty Fades…Du  (Read 116 times)

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WATCH: SEN JOHN KENNEDY Explains Why Nancy Pelosi Refuses To Fund Our Border Wall: “Beauty Fades…Dumb Is Forever!”
Jan 10, 2019

Senator John Kennedy (not a Democrat), appeared on Fox News’ Varney & Co. show today to discuss the border wall and why the newly elected Speaker of the House refuses to negotiate with President Trump. The Republican Senator who is known for his one-liners didn’t disappoint in his fiery interview with Fox News host, Stuart Varney. In answer to the Fox New hosts question about the negotiations between Democrat leaders and President Trump, Kennedy said the problem is, “Speaker Pelosi hates President Trump more than she supports border security.”

Kennedy explained to Varney that there isn’t any in-between when it comes to defending your nation’s borders, telling him, “You either believe in border security, or you don’t.” The Senator gave examples of why we need borders and listed the countries where borders are working, “One way to stop illegal immigration is a border wall. We know that because we have one in San Diego, and Yuma, and El Paso, and on the West Bank in Israel, and in Hungary and in Saudi Arabia and in Bulgaria, and I could keep going. Border barriers work—Duh!”
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Illegals are a significant source of Dem votes. Why destroy the cash cow?
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