Author Topic: On a scale of one to ten, last night Trump was a seven and Pelosi/Schumer were a zero  (Read 65 times)

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January 9, 2019
On a scale of one to ten, last night Trump was a seven and Pelosi/Schumer were a zero
By Thomas Lifson

I thought that President Trump’s first Oval Office address last night was very good, but not a home run. (Transcript here, video embedded below.)  But compared to the disastrous response from Democrat leaders Pelosi and Schumer, it was a grand slam.

On substance, the president was a nine on a scale of one to ten, nearly perfect. His focus was on the practical issues right away: the lack of facilities to handle the families that have come to predominate the flow, and the vast quantities of drugs that come into the country.  The  humanitarian crisis is undeniable, and the Democrat/Media complex have already done plenty to bring home the suffering caused by the attractive nuisance of a border that is perceived as porous. The  Democrats’ habit of emoting over the human tragedies at the border was converted into a support for the notion of a crisis, in a neat bit of political jujitsu. 

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