Author Topic: Attorney General Confirms Elected Officials Can Be Tax-Funded Lobbyists  (Read 200 times)

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Texas Scorecard By Charles Blain|January 8, 2019

No specific law prohibits elected officials from lobbying while in office.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton released an opinion Tuesday confirming there is no specific law prohibiting state legislators from being employed as tax-funded, local government lobbyists while simultaneously serving in public office.

Paxton’s opinion was released in response to a request from State Rep. Sarah Davis (R-Houston) who was told by a state agency during a hearing that no law prohibits “an elected official from representing a client who is not a person before an executive branch agency.”

Davis chaired the House General Investigating and Ethics Committee last legislative session when fellow Houston legislator, Jim Murphy, came under fire for receiving $312,000 in compensation from the Westchase District, a municipal management district (MMD) in West Houston.

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