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Climate – ‘the religion of choice for urban atheists’ – Green movement’s apocalyptic & authoritarian approach’ akin to ‘feudal clerics’

With its own pieties, roster of saints and sinners, the climate movement, is becoming “the religion of choice for urban atheists. ” ... They may see themselves as avant-garde, but the greens have perhaps more in common with feudal clerics than they might suspect. Feudalism developed in an economic environment of extreme scarcity, something also embraced by greens.

Like the medieval church, the green movements benefits from enormous support from the wealthiest and most well-established elements in society. No surprise then that what is preached for the masses—for example tough restrictions on driving or energy consumption—rarely apply to or impact the well off and well-connected...

Like messianic preachers from the old religions, many climate activists, like medieval clerics, see human greed as the root of evil. They also look to impose penance through such things as not eating meat, something both older Catholics and aging hippies could recall with nostalgia. Perhaps less appealing, climate activists often follow procedures common to the Inquisition, from taking dissenters to court to seeking to banish different ideas even by legal means. ..
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Finally, someone gets it.

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How God must weep at humans' folly! Stand fast! God knows what he is doing!
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‘the religion of choice for urban atheists’
Very apt description.
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