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The Racist, Anti-Semitic Black Left
How racial tribalism became the defining hallmark of the black Left.
January 4, 2019
John Perazzo

In a recent interview on the popular radio show The Breakfast Club, Temple University professor and former CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill affectionately referred to Nation Of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan as “my brother.” Moreover, Hill pushed back against whites who suggested that he and other black pundits should, in Hill's words, “throw [Farrakhan] away wholesale” because of the latter’s long history of incendiary racial rhetoric. Noting that no one had ever urged him to similarly distance himself from what he describes as “extreme” conservatives like Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter when he was a Fox News contributor years ago, Hill now asks: “Why is only one set of people untouchable? And why does every black leader have to ritually denounce Farrakhan in order to sustain a position?”

Hill’s professed bewilderment vis-à-vis this alleged double standard is wholly unsurprising, in light of the very obvious fact that he, like Farrakhan, has shown himself to be quite fluent in the vernacular of racism and anti-Semitism. During a January 2017 appearance on a CNN panel, for instance, Hill took issue with black celebrities like Ray Lewis, Jim Brown, and Steve Harvey for accepting President-elect Donald Trump's invitation to meet with him at Trump Tower. After Bruce LeVell — an African American member of Trump’s diversity coalition — objected to Hill’s complaints, Hill characterized LeVell and all other nonwhites who were working on behalf of Trump’s agenda as “a bunch of mediocre Negroes.”
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The ugly, dirty secret is that many blacks are afflicted with racist, hateful attitudes towards other groups. A recent poll showed that 50% of blacks agreed with/liked Louis Farrakhan...the most vicious anti-Semite in America.
Farrakhan showed up at Aretha Franklin's funeral. Nobody in the lib media batted an eyelash. Just imagine the uproar if David Duke showed up at the funeral of some white, conservative entertainer.
Similarly, supreme conman, race agitator,  and shakedown artist Al Sharpton is very popular with black people.
People of all ethnicities are guilty of being bigots/haters, etc.  It's time to stop pretending only "evil whitey" is guilty of those sins.

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