Author Topic: Democrats Won’t Spend $5 Billion On Wall But Spend $100+ Billion PER YEAR Supporting Illegal Immigra  (Read 152 times)

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Democrats Won’t Spend $5 Billion On Wall But Spend $100+ Billion PER YEAR Supporting Illegal Immigrants
Posted on January 5, 2019 by DCWhispers   

While left-leaning think tanks say the cost of illegal immigration is “only” $50 billion per year and right-leaning think tanks estimate it to be closer to $200 billion per year, the truth likely lies somewhere in the middle and regardless of where the actual (and always changing) numbers lie – it’s a TON of money and one of the single greatest threats to U.S. security both economic and other.

So, for Democrats to refuse to spend even $5 billion on improved border security is appalling given they are choosing politics over safety and security.

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Of course they will. That 100 million goes directly into buying votes for Dim candidates,and it is all spent with companies that are owned by Dims who provide illegals and legal aliens with goods and services.

How could they NOT be in favor of it when their wealth is directly tied to it?
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When we consider that half of illegals are on some form of gov. handout, a sizable number are criminals,
a goodly number have to be treated for medical conditions/diseases, and that they take jobs away from legal citizens who then take gov. assistance, I'd say the cost is closer to 200 billion.

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