Author Topic: Calling all 'snowflakes' and 'me me me millennials' - The British Army wants you  (Read 103 times)

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Calling all 'snowflakes' and 'me me me millennials' - The British Army wants you
Katie Mettler06:05, Jan 06 2019

The British Army is recruiting with a millennial twist on the historic "Your Country Needs You" slogan, so it can recruit confident "selfie addicts".

The first time Lord Kitchener's mug was used for British Army recruitment, it was 1914 and the world was fighting the Great War.

Kitchener, serving at the time as British war minister, stared out from the cover of London Opinion magazine with a pointed finger and simple message: "Your Country Needs You." The magazine cover was turned into a poster, with slightly different wording under the senior military commander's stern face. Then, countries across the globe mimicked the format, with the United States replacing Kitchener with the fictional Uncle Sam.
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