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How Things Is: L3, Eastex
« on: December 23, 2018, 08:54:25 AM »
Radio Legendary 12/21/2018

Hunt County, T-E-X-A-S – Back when it was still E-Systems, folks say, it was a fun place to work, but it sure doesn’t sound that way when you get to reading the business and professional press.

I guess that’s why the call what the Company does for the President and all his men, “fun and games,” the pursuit of “merry hell.”

One thing for sure, the Northeast Drug Task Force put the local scene on the map when it comes to national security items, flung down in hot ink.

Now the drug task force is famous, for many reasons, but when you Google the judge’s name, national security matters come up, front and center.

Along with items such as this:

TX: On October 13, 1994, a Dallas County jury convicted Hunt county judge Michael Farris of felony drug possession. Videotape evidence showed Farris buying methamphetamines from an undercover drug agent. Ferris claimed he was entrapped. He was introduced to the “drug dealers” by Hunt County justice of the peace Dan Robertson.

And then there’s the legend of E-Systems and the narcotics smuggling planes with the changing tail numbers and the ECM gear that makes them invisible to government radar and creates “holes” in the electronic border walls so the spooks can traffic the dope and the G can raise the money for their ops.

In an article published in the year 2000 and reprinted in a blog, a journalist named David Hoffman wrote about the national security contractor’s natural sensitivity for ultra-secret jazz the G doesn’t really want the public to know about the corporation’s mission at Greenville.

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