Author Topic: The Evidence Coming Out Of The Flynn Case Makes Mueller Look Worse And Worse  (Read 268 times)

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 The Evidence Coming Out Of The Flynn Case Makes Mueller Look Worse And Worse
The contrast between the outcome of Andrew McCabe lying to the FBI and Michael Flynn lying to the FBI demonstrate the DoJ is ruled by only one law: Does it help get Trump?

By Adam Mill   
December 19, 2018

As Michael Flynn stood for sentencing Tuesday, you could imagine the special counsel attorneys audibly exhale in relief as he declined to withdraw his guilty plea. Until that moment, it was an open question whether Judge Emmet Sullivan would excuse the government’s now apparent misconduct.

Instead, the judge blasted Flynn for “selling out” his country and wondered whether a “treason” charge might have been considered at some point. The Federalist’s Sean Davis hypothesized that the judge was frustrated by the Flynn team attempting to have his cake and eat it too. If Flynn wanted to attack the government’s abuse of constitutional rights, fine—then withdraw the plea. If not, then drop it.

The stakes were high. Last week, the Robert Mueller team filed a court document effectively threatening prison time if Flynn’s defense team continued alerting the judge to the pattern of misconduct perpetrated by the rogue’s gallery led by former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe.

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