Author Topic: It’s ridiculous that it’s unconstitutional for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to run for president  (Read 541 times)

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Some Millennial snowflake at Vox doesn't care about the constitution.  Immigrants, young people, and everyone else should be allowed to run.  Oy Vey. 

lexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the biggest star in the Democratic Party, and she has been ever since she unseated Rep. Joe Crowley in a surprise primary upset in May. That her win didn’t, in the final analysis, launch a wave of leftist primary victories only goes to show what a phenomenon she personally is.

Not everyone shares her brand of politics, of course, but her constituency has exploded beyond the initial set of ideologues who powered the challenge to Crowley because of her incredible wit, charisma, social media savvy, and basic political smarts.

In a year when moderate incumbents generally didn’t lose primary challenges from the left and in which Our Revolution endorsees failed to flip a single GOP-held House seat, AOC constantly dominates the conversation — living rent-free in the heads of conservatives, racking up magazine profiles and Twitter followers, engaging supporters on Instagram in a heretofore unprecedented way, and pulling back the curtain on some of the seamier aspects of “business as usual” in the US Congress.

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Her followers are as abjectly ignorant as she.
Principles matter. Words matter.

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Can we please let her run just once. You all know it will be fun to watch.  :silly:
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