Author Topic: Self-Identifying Marxist Professors Outnumber Conservatives as College Professors  (Read 84 times)

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Self-Identifying Marxist Professors Outnumber Conservatives as College Professors

June 15, 2016, Spencer Irvine, 6 Comments

At a recent American Enterprise Institute (AEI) event, panel speakers outlined how self-identifying Marxists outnumber conservatives on college campuses:

    An AEI panel discussion last Wednesday, titled “The Close-Minded Campus? The Stifling of Ideas in American Universities,” focused on the scarcity of conservative professors and students in the social sciences, with the panelists noting that conservatives are outnumbered in the field even by self-proclaimed Marxists.

    About 18 percent of social scientists in the United States self-identify as Marxists, compared to only about 5 percent who identify as conservatives, Dunn and Shields reported.
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It's just getting worse.
Weeklong teach-in at UMass Boston features 26 events promoting social justice
‘Resist Oppression’ teach in tackles issues of race, climate, gender and more
Alexander Pease - UMass Boston •December 6, 2018

Scholars with the University of Massachusetts Boston recently held a weeklong teach-in that featured some 26 workshops and events dedicated to promoting social justice causes.

The teach-in was titled “Solidarity in Action: Resisting Systemic Oppression.” The lectures, held last week at the public university, included topics such as “Disrupting White Supremacy,” “Palestine Liberation and BDS,” “Climate Justice” and “Sex and Gender: Deconstructing Categories.”

“Offering information and analysis to understand the rise of White supremacy and other systemic oppressions, and strategies, skills, and models of advocacy to resist oppression in the current time and climate,” organizers stated online.

Those leading the workshops were mostly professors. The workshops took place in classrooms, however “My Union will be Intersectional or it will be Bullshit” took place in a faculty lounge.  ...
More at The College Fix

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