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WacoTrib by Mark Osler 10/27/2018

Dear Mr. Barry Johnson,

First, congratulations on your primary win and the clearing of the field that leaves you as incoming McLennan County district attorney. It sounds like you have been doing the right things: visiting with DAs in other counties, talking with people in the community and signaling you’re going to work quickly to wrap up the remaining Twin Peaks cases once you take office in January. In this contentious political season, it’s good to have one transition that is already in place.

I write to you with a few ideas to throw into the mix. As I wrote on these pages before the primary election, I don’t do so from the same vantage point as those you have talked with already: My experience as a prosecutor was in the federal system in Detroit nearly two decades ago. I live so far away that it snowed here last week. However, I do teach and practice criminal law, and trained some of the assistant district attorneys you will find on your staff. I also have the advantage of distance; because I will have no cases involving your office, I don’t have anything to lose through honesty.

First, you need to do some weeding. There are people and policies in the office that will not serve your goals and have not served the community. I realize it is hard to come in and make a change up front, but you may find the first few weeks are the best time to do this. Rip the old, ragged bandage off quickly.

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