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Linda MH Aliens Sent a Message, This What it Said {FULL VIDEO}
« on: September 14, 2018, 05:57:18 AM »

Linda Moulton Howe Aliens Sent a Message, This is What it Said [FULL VIDEO]

Published on Aug 23, 2017

Linda Moulton Howe has translated squares and ones on an alien message, they turned out to be binary code, part of which included a cryptic warning about star systems in Orion and Zeta Reticuli.

This is another Linda Howe Classic, she explains that these particular messages (and UFOs) seem to come from human time-travellers, who live thousands of years from now in our future, in Nuremberg, Germany at latitude 49o 27’ North, longitude 11o 05’ East. Their purpose is to “protect humanity” over long periods of historical time, by watching and/or influencing the flow of events in past eras.


This is probably the best summary, detailed overview of a wide-range of aspects of the larger phenomenon involving 'others' and their interactions with humans.

imho, there's a ton of disinformation involved. Not that the sources are lying--but the critters are presenting a lot of partially false to fully false stories and presentations to the sources, victims.

e.g. How would humans verify that the critters originated from Zeta Reticuli? There's 100's to thousands of details that the government and other researchers have accepted as fact--evidently merely because the critters have insisted they are describing true reality.

Many Christian researchers insist that the critters are fallen angels constructing the GREAT DECEPTION of the END TIMES that Christ warned about 2,000+ years ago. I believe that to either largely or totally be the case.

The best researchers (including to varying degrees--Dr J Allen Hynek and Dr Jacques Vallee) consider the critters to be spiritual entities originating from an evil 'spiritual dimension.' I know there are some who argue--claiming that Dr Vallee did not say such a thing. But I've read his books on the topic and I believe that is his perspective. He may have adjusted aspects of that perspective over time, but I believe he still essentially believes that.

Guy Malone has 400 case studies in his database and is convinced that 100% of the critters are fallen angels perpetrating a vast complex evil agenda complicit toward the END TIMES events described in Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel etc. I asked him one time if he thought there was any % chance that any of the critters could be benign or good. He said maybe there was less than a 1% chance that such could be true.

Guy said he has never found that an authentic Christian with an active intimate relationship with Jesus The Christ to be abducted. Further, that all abductees had created an opening authorizing their abductions by dabbling in some sort of occult activity--even 'merely' reading horoscopes in violation of Biblical prohibitions.

There are stories of some abductees claiming that the critters laugh at the idea that Jesus is anyone special.

Yet, even most government officials who are candid admit that the critters are routinely caught in lies. A long list of predictions of a long list of critters have failed to come true as predicted.

Certainly satan as the father of lies would be a plausible 'boss' of such fallen angels.

One plausible scenario is that there are fallen angels playing a 'good cop' role and others playing a 'bad cop' role. What a great way to entrap and shred humans caught between the two 'factions.'

Certainly the vast array of critters and their claims would be one powerful way to seduce a vast number of human souls into entrapment by the Dark Lord who has a major goal of destroying as many of God's favorite creation as possible--as part of his vengeance for being kicked out of Heaven.

A current puzzlement is the issue of POTUS Trump and the phenomenon. What will he do about it? What will he be allowed or enabled to do about it in terms of God's calling and purposes with him? Or will the whole GREAT DECEPTION kind of muddle along mostly in the background until Trump's 8 years are over and the satanic agenda can restart in full force in the rush toward Armageddon.

I believe this extensive talk by Linda Moulton Howe is a great basic overview with lots of details to at least be aware of, if not prayerfully ponder.

In some respects, it doesn't matter whether the narrative of the critters is partially to wholly false. It IS what is being presented to the global citizenry and our governments. Evidently major aspects of the critters' narratives have been more or less accepted as largely true--even though they know the critters chronically lie. How about a good dose of cognitive dissonance!

One of the very UnBiblical aspects of the critters' narrative is the issue of reincarnation. That deception is plausibly what also allows folks like satan worshiping Shrillery & Obummer to rationalize killing individuals at will--even on a whim. They can comfort themselves with the false idea that such individuals will merely be reincarnated to an advanced state because of the suffering Shrillery  et al meted out to them.

imho, Christians MUST construe reality consistent with the Biblical record--regardless of holographic or high tech mind control or whatever other 'evidence' the critters confront humanity with.

As God declares, 'Heaven and earth shall pass away' but every even tiniest detail of God's Word will endure and reign supreme beyond such event(s).

Only fools choose to disagree with God's construction on the reality(ies) HE CREATED.
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