Author Topic: Mark Sanford’s Loss Last Night Shows the Dangers of Underestimating President Trump and of Being Out  (Read 173 times)

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Last night former South Carolina governor and (almost) five-term member of the House of Representatives Mark Sanford lost his primary election to political newcomer, State Representative Katie Arrington by a 50.5-46.5 margin. I’m not sure what either candidate really ran on other than Arrington–a Romney and Rubio supporter in the primaries–supported Trump and said she’d do so in the House and Sanford–a Trump supporter in the 2016 election–has decided that being NeverTrump was his life’s calling. Sometimes, his NeverTrump enthusiasm got the better of his commonsense, like this in the aftermath of the shooting of Representative Steve Scalise:

    President Trump is “partially to blame” for the hostile, polarized environment that led to Wednesday’s shooting during a baseball practice being held by congressional Republicans, Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., said on Thursday.


Yes and no. Sanford seems to be a good voting conservative, but an all around general idiot. His opponent Arrington isn't that impressive either, and IMO Trump should of stayed out of that.

Where Trump really fell on the wrong side was the Virginia Senate by endorsing Stewart over Freitas, who seems to be a young, smart, articulate and solid conservative.
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