Author Topic: BREAKING: Armed School Resource Officer Shoots Student Who Open Fired At School  (Read 402 times)

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The Daily Caller
11:52 AM 05/16/2018

Mark Dallas, a school resource officer, exchanged shots with a student who brought a gun to school in Illinois, Wednesday morning.

The suspect, allegedly 19-years old, arrived armed at Dixon High School around 8:00 am Wednesday. When he got there, he fired shots at the resource officer on duty, hitting him. Then, the officer was able to fire back at the alleged shooter, hitting him, according to Dixon City Manager Danny Langloss.

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Waiting for the alphabet newsies to cover this.
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From reading the two sentences of the article posted I can only ascertain that something allegedly happened.  ^-^
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Link does not work/

Found article describing event here.  Former student is shot by officer during gunfire exchange at graduation practice in Dixon High School gym

Note well:  Contrary to what the Daily Caller announced in headline, this was NOT a student who was doing the shooting.

It was a FORMER student.

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Resource officer prevents possible school shooting after man brings gun to Illinois high school
By Kathleen Joyce | Fox News

A resource officer may have prevented a massacre after a 19-year-old former male student allegedly brought a gun inside an Illinois school and opened fire.

The suspect shot several rounds at Dixon High School resource officer Mark Dallas, who returned fire and struck the gunman during the confrontation, WQAD reported. The officer was not hit by gunfire and the suspect had non-life-threatening injuries. No students or staff members were injured in the incident. The suspect was placed in police custody and received medical treatment.

Multiple sources identified the suspect to Sauk Valley but officials have not yet confirmed the report. The media outlet said the suspect was expelled from the school recently.  ...   FOX News

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