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Sgt Reckless: Combat Veteran
« on: March 15, 2018, 05:27:14 AM »
Sgt Reckless: Combat Veteran
Korean War

By Nancy Lee White Hoffman - Originally Published November 1992

Today, the subject of American women in combat is a controversial issue. In the 1950s it was almost unheard of.

But, during the Korean War there was at least one female who saw combat. She was a Marine named Sgt Reckless.

"I first saw this little lady. . .when the [First Marine] Division was in reserve for a brief period," wrote Lieutenant General Randolph McC. Pate, then-Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps. "I was surprised at her beauty and intelligence, and believe it or not, her esprit de corps. Like any other Marine, she was enjoying a bottle of beer with her comrades. She was constantly the center of attraction and was fully aware of her importance. If she failed to receive the attention she felt her due, she would deliberately walk into a group of Marines and, in effect, enter the conversation. It was obvious the Marines loved her."
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