Author Topic: NY state, foundations poured money into Syracuse grocery that has closed. Again.  (Read 470 times)

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NY state, foundations poured money into Syracuse grocery that has closed. Again.
Updated Jan 10, 8:22 AM; Posted Jan 10, 7:29 AM

The Eat to Live Food Co-op, 2323 S. Salina St. Syracuse has closed again. (Don Cazentre)

By Teri Weaver,

Syracuse, N.Y. - Eat to Live, the food cooperative on the city's South Side, has closed again.

It's the second time in about four years the member grocery store - which was built with more than $1 million dollars in donations from Syracuse University and other area foundations - has shut its doors.

The Dec. 31 closure comes after New York state also invested more than $400,000 into the project, money meant to jumpstart the store's operations and create enough work for four full-time employees.

The larger goal for Eat to Live called for putting an affordable grocery store with fresh produce into a "food desert" on South Salina Street. Instead of creating a traditional for-profit business, leaders formed a co-op, meaning members would run the store and share in any future profits. Anyone could shop there, whether they joined the co-op or not.

The market could survive, early plans showed, if the store attracted $1.1 million in annual sales by its fifth year.

Last month, the co-op did about $3,000 in sales, according to Howie Hawkins, the secretary and treasurer of the cooperative. That couldn't come close to paying the $18,000 in monthly costs, he said Tuesday.


The market first opened in October 2013 after several sources, including SU, the Gifford Foundation and the Central New York Community Foundation, donated more than $1 million to build the building.

Yet troubles plagued the market from the beginning. Within a couple of weeks of opening, the general manager at the time was fired. Within two months of that 2013 opening, the store closed. By February 2014, a former board member said the place was running out of money.


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