Author Topic: NPR’s Chief News Editor departs amid sexual harassment allegations by three women  (Read 382 times)

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John Sexton
Nov. 29, 2017

With all the big names being fired this week amid sexual harassment allegations, this story probably isn’t getting the attention it otherwise would. NPR’s Chief News Editor David Sweeney departed the organization Tuesday amid allegations of sexual harassment by three different women. Sweeney may not be a household name like Matt Lauer or Charlie Rose but he was one of the top five news executives at NPR.



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Schadenfreude is thick tonight

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NPR Chief News Editor Departs After Harassment Allegations
November 28, 20173:55 PM ET
Merrit Kennedy
David Folkenflik

NPR Chief News Editor David Sweeney has left the company following allegations of sexual harassment filed against him by at least three female journalists.  ...

As NPR has previously reported, one former NPR producer said that Sweeney unexpectedly kissed her in an encounter in 2002 while they were in a car on loan for a story. In 2007, an NPR journalist said that Sweeney attempted to kiss her when they went out for drinks to discuss her career. The two journalists spoke on condition they not be named.

A third journalist, NPR editor Lauren Hodges, said that Sweeney repeatedly made her the recipient of unwanted attention and unsolicited gifts while he was her supervisor in a way that made her deeply uncomfortable.  ... More at NPR
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