Author Topic: Students of Terror: F-1 Program Is Still a Serious National Security Threat  (Read 107 times)

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Students of Terror: F-1 Program Is Still a Serious National Security Threat

In 2001, most Americans became aware of the F-1 student visa. Hani Hasan Hanjour, the terrorist who crashed American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon, had entered the U.S. as an F-1 student in order to attend flight school. The 9/11 Commission noted that the student visa program was vulnerable to abuse and recommended that security measures be tightened. But as images of the World Trade Center collapse faded into memory, student visa security disappeared from public consciousness.

However, the F-1 program has remained a pipeline for immigration violators. The Obama administration was unable to locate 6,000 foreign nationals who disappeared after entering the U.S. on student visas. And at least 26 student visa holders have been arrested on terrorism charges since 9/11.
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