Author Topic: Silent partner: How Lachlan Murdoch's wife Sarah 'convinced him and Rupert to fire Bill O'Reilly'  (Read 503 times)

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Silent partner: How Lachlan Murdoch's wife Sarah 'convinced him and Rupert to fire Bill O'Reilly'

    Sarah Murdoch reportedly convinced an on-the-fence Lachlan that Bill O'Reilly had to be fired
    The former model married Lachlan in 1999 and they have three children
    Sarah was named the face of the iconic Wonderbra back in 1997 and has also modeled for Ralph Lauren and Yves Saint Laurent

By Chris Spargo For

Published: 16:52 EDT, 19 April 2017 | Updated: 21:12 EDT, 19 April 2017

The announcement of Bill O'Reilly's termination was made on Wednesday in an internal memo that was signed by the Chairman and CEO of 21st Century Fox Rupert Murdoch and his sons James and Lachlan.

It had been reported by New York magazine one day prior that James wanted O'Reilly out soon after this latest sexual harassment scandal broke, while Lachlan was on the fence.

That all changed however after he was convinced that the veteran host had to go by his wife Sarah. 


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I dunno, I might have done the same thing.

See, conservative-leaning news networks have to play by different rules than leftist-leaning ones.

Besides, as a purely-business oriented decision it made some sense. Fox knew they had a VERY strong replacement ready to go in Tucker Carlson (younger, just as articulate, personable). That view says by plugging Carlson into the slot immediately, they don't lose much (any) viewers and the network side-steps the whole controversy inherent in O'Reilly's problems. And make no mistake, they were (are) HIS problems almost exclusively. If they are resolved favorably, they can bring him back as a part-time commentator the way Britt Hume is used and there are no hard feelings. Twenty million dollars is a nice way to say "see you later, no hard feelings".

So O'Reilly had either by negligence or bad luck arrived in that bad place where he is worth more to the company as a (metaphorical) corpse than alive.  The up side/down side net value  of "permanently suspending him" was greater than the up side / down side of keeping him.

I personally sort of like O'Reilly, so from a personal POV, I would have preferred that they kept him and fought it out. But I know too much about how mass media functions to believe that there is not a strong argument for "taking advantage" of situations as they arise in regard to divesting one's company of huge question marks for sure things when possible.

That being said, there is probably no way to know whether the lady actually influenced the decisions as much as the article maintains. Bidness is bidness and at that level, sometimes a smart spouse will have input on a situation that is helpful because they have an intuitive grasp of the psyche of the decision maker and may be able to get the zeitgeist of their decision- process enough to nudge them one way or the other if they are already leaning in some direction.

To quote "Men in Black", from senior management's POV, O'Reilly was, "Old and busted," while Carlson was the, "new hotness". Old and busted v new hotness. Not rocket science in one sense.

Also the ratings post-removal seem to justify the decision as it has been as seamless as reasonable to expect. Carlson is good. IMO at least as good as O'Reilly but with his own slant on interview style that is refreshing.

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